Alexander the Great “Pilot” (part 6 of 7)

Back from commercial, Alexander is leading his men on that long, arduous trek through Utah. We know it’s arduous because we get a clip of a random soldier collapsing. Cletus comes along to pick him up and see if he’s okay. Aw, that was sweet. I’m glad to see Alexander kicking his ass in front of everyone didn’t turn Cletus bitter.

And now, Alexander and Cleander attempt to push a giant wheeled vehicle upright, which later scenes will show is actually a catapult. And you can never go wrong with catapults.

Caption contributed by Albert

”I can’t carry around… my own ego for much longer!”

I guess this is illustrating how Alexander is a real “hands on” type of leader. Willing to get down there in the trenches with his men and all that. Well, I’m on board. Alexander for President in 2008! I mean, we’ve already got a guy dead set on conquering most of the Middle East, so really, how much worse would he be?

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Multi-Part Article: Alexander the Great "Pilot"

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