Alexander the Great “Pilot” (part 4 of 7)

Antigonus enters another part of the tent and meets with the other generals. They want to declare Antigonus leader of the army to succeed Alexander, but Antigonus refuses. “My day has passed.” Sadly, that was true for Mr. Cotten, as well. He says what they really need is a younger man in charge, namely, Karonos.

Antigonus pulls something out of his cloak and hands it to Karonos, which I guess is the rock that gives someone power, or Alexander’s pet rock, or something, and all the generals swear allegiance to Karonos and his Pet Rock of Power. Karonos then delivers an obligatory “assuming command” speech, first paying facile tribute to Alexander while laying a hand on his throne, then declaring that Greece is their sole responsibility. He says the army is tired and stretched too thin, and so they should return to Greece.

Alexander the Great "Pilot" (part 4 of 7)

No one objects to this plan, so Karonos says they’ll begin marching home tonight, ordering “Attalos” (the beefy mob-looking dude) to get the men ready to break camp. As he says this, he plops himself right down in Alexander’s throne. Geez, at least wait until Alexander’s butt-print is cold.

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Multi-Part Article: Alexander the Great "Pilot"

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