VIDEO: Akira (1988)

Joey finally looks at an anime film: the revered classic from the ’80s that arguably made anime popular in the west.

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  • Thomas Stockel

    I had the good fortune to see this film at the Detroit Institute of Arts some years ago or so. They were having an anime themed month with Twilight of The Cockroaches and Castle In The Sky. Akira was the only one we wanted to see, though, and we loved it. I haven’t seen too many anime movies, so I have to say Akira is still my favorite (although the Cowboy Bebop movie is pretty kick ass and comes in at a close second.).

    • Sardu

      Twilight and Laputa (Castle) are both really excellent if you do get a chance to see them… Twilight especially is a heavy, heavy film.

  • Wizkamridr

    I highly recommend reading the manga. The anime will make more sense. I hope hollywood never touches this cult classic.

  • If you plan on reviewing more anime movies, you cant go wrong with “The Castle of Cagliostro” an action comedy about a thief-extraordinaire who seeks to find out the source of counterfeit money he stole and winds up involved with an elaborate plot by an evil count seeking to become the ruler of the small European country of Cagliostro.

    • Wizkamridr


  • Dennis Fischer

    AKIRA is one of my favorite anime films, without question. I would also highly recommend SPIRITED AWAY, GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES, WINGS OF HONNEAMISE (aka ROYAL SPACE FORCE), CASTLE OF CAGLIOSTRO, and GHOST IN THE SHELL as being among the best that have ever been done.

  • W.C. Wit

    I could go obvious and talk about my favorite Studio Ghibli movie, but I’d rather go with something unexpected.
    My favorite Anime movie is REDLINE, a gorgeous movie about a race tournament in a futuristic society, involving aliens, robots, and monsters. Entirely hand-drawn frame-by-frame over the course of seven years until it was completed.There is an energy to this movie that no other anime could ever hope to match.