Airbnb Wants New York City Hosts To Pay Taxes On Their Earnings, How Is That Even Fair?

Airbnb Wants New York City Hosts To Pay Taxes On Their Earnings, How Is That Even Fair?So Airbnb is all like, Hey city of New York, you should totally charge our hosts the same bed tax you would charge hotels, and then use that money for nice homeless stuff! And people are like “frownyface with mad eyes phurble argle murp!” And also, “sniff, those costs are just going to get passed on to the consumer anyway, waah” and that is true! All Airbnb hosts will be like “fifteen percent, fuckers, #payup.” How is that even faaaaaair?

Oh, right, it is fair, because most cities have “bed taxes” that they charge hotels, that go to make tourists pay for things we like and do not want to pay for ourselves. (Also, they have to pay for clogging up Hollywood Boulevard.) And if the hotels are paying (and charging for) bed taxes, it is not really fair that we can pretty much pay our rent just by letting people sleep on our couch, but it is not taxed because “the internet is magic.”

Here is part of Airbnb’s letter to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

While many companies look for loopholes to avoid paying taxes, we want to work with leaders in New York to ensure that the Airbnb community pays its fair share. Over the next twelve months, we believe those taxes would easily reach the $21 million needed to pay for your rental assistance program. But we need help from you and other leaders in New York government to clarify and improve the tax laws now on the books so that we can legally collect and remit those taxes.

Now let’s see exactly how people are complaining about this actual tax fairness.

The company, which takes a 6 to 12 percent fee, isn’t quite as saintly as their plea makes out. Airbnb is asking to change the law to let the company collect and remit from hosts, not volunteering to take it out of their own bottom line (lol capitalism). But either way, that 15 percent is going to get passed down to the renter.

Do you see the math problem there? Airbnb takes six to 12 percent of each booking. A bed tax would be 15 percent of each booking. Does Valleywag really expect Airbnb to take a three to nine percent loss on each rental? That would be some pretty lol capitalism! I would laugh at those capitalists a lot!

Anyway, yes, we should all start paying bed taxes on our Airbnb’s, and we should absolutely pass those taxes on to the Aussies and Londoners taking over our “flat,” because after all they are used to it. lol socialism!


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