Why Aren’t You Listening To This Aimee Mann/Ted Leo Song About A Statute Of The Fonz Right Now?

Why Aren't You Listening To This Aimee Mann/Ted Leo Song About A Statute Of The Fonz Right Now?

You know how sometimes the universe makes the things you love the very most collide into one shining supernova pile of wonderful? That’s how we feel about this Ted Leo/Aimee Mann collaboration that your entire Twitter feed is talking about today. Ted Leo! Aimee Mann! Together! With a lead single that is about a statute of the Fonz that lives in Milwaukee.

The studio version is finally streaming over on Soundcloud (sorry, no embeddable link yet, suckas) though there are a few earlier live performances floating around on YouTube, including this one where Aimee Mann fucks up and makes them start the song over. Also, she has what appear to be leather hot pants on, so god bless her.

What does it sound like, you ask, because you are too goddamn lazy to watch a video or click over to Soundcloud? It sounds exactly like it should, which is to say it sounds like the very best Ted Leo and the Pharmacists song (looking at you, “Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone?”) with the unmistakably unironically dulcet tones of Aimee Mann joining in. Also, it’s about a statute of the Fonz. Also, too, they’ve recorded an entire album together as The Both, and it will be out in April. This is the best thing of the week.

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  • Se√Īor Skwerl

    I like everything about this. Lisa, you can be let out of the basement for an hour this weekend.

  • Cory

    You had me at statue of the Fonz. Shut up and take my money….

  • tkdcoach

    Now if you’ll only tell me Ted Leo is gay for me and wants my phone number stat. ūüėČ

  • Mickey Bitsko

    To answer the question, maybe because Winkler is a conservative asshole?

    • Torgo3000

      What the what?I don’t know anything about his politics. He played a Rush Limbaugh type on a Fox sitcom 20 years ago, but he seems perfectly nice here:http://youtu.be/k5kRaNyiBAk BTW, I’ve listened to the song 3 times now, it’s damn catchy. I can NOT understand what they’re saying in the chorus!.

  • glasspusher

    Not thrilled with the face on the statue