Agents Of SHIELD Recap: The One With All The 'Winter Soldier' Spoilers

Last week’s SHIELD had the big clairvoyant reveal, sort of, except we now know this will tie into the Winter Soldier, so is the clairvoyant thing just a big lie? Let’s see!

Note: from here on out, there will also be spoilers for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, because everything is all synergized now. You’ve been warned.


We open with missles or planes or something trying to kill/board/hang out with Bill Paxton aka Agent Garrett. Everybody gets a plane!


Then we’re back to our usual plane, picking right up from last week’s standoff. Coulson disarms May while Skye stands around showing that she also too has a gun.

Meanwhile, the plane is being taken by HQ and they can override anything, so they’re auto-flying the plane, like you do.

May reveals her dedicated hardline channel was to Director Fury, even though Coulson hasn’t been able to get to Fury in weeks.

Everyone yells at everyone about who is at fault. Fitz was trying to contact to Simmons to talk about Skye’s blood on the down low. Simmons is talking to someone at Hub about it, but Fitz can’t or won’t say who. Speaking of the Hub, here’s Trip wanting to know what Simmons is working on, but he’s all bullyboy about it. There’s a lot of squinting and angerbear.

Back at the plane, Skye can’t hack something, for once! All communications are jammed. She can hear Garrett through the static and he’s got SHIELD drones on his tail so he is heading towards Coulson and crew.

May gets dumped in the hexagon room with her ex-boyfriend Ward, and Coulson just casually mentions that oh BTW she was a sleeper agent all along. Awkward.

Exciting thrill ride of hot plane on plane fighting action. Coulson bests the drones and actually says BOOYA, which is not a thing Coulson should say.


Back at the Hub, Hand and company notice that Garrett and Coulson managed to take the drones out. Hand and her hench-people chat about how it is cool to kill Garrett and all the other SHIELD folks because they swore an allegiance to each other as soon as an encoded transmission went out. WHAT IS IT TELL US IS IT ABOUT THE WINTER SOLDIER??

Coulson is explaining to Garrett who the clairvoyant is, and now he thinks it is Victoria Hand. Garrett doesn’t think so, basically because Hand is now so off the rails that she’s being too revealing and therefore ipso facto it is not her. Works for us!

Skye has decoded the transmission, and it is “out of the shadows and into the light.” That is less than clear. Oh wait. There’s more. HYDRA. Boom.


There is your Winter Soldier connection, America. Except we’re still feeling kinda tricked by the whole clairvoyant story arc now.

Let’s chat about Hydra! The transmission is Hydra’s call to action to target all the Level Eight agents. Jesus, stop with the levels. All we can think about is Scientology. Garrett wants to bail out and run, but Simmons and Trip are at the Hub, and they need saving. So they’re heading to the Hub, which is a jackbooted dystopia now. However, no one can find Fitz and Trip.

Simmons contacts her old teacher via Wolf Blitzer hologram, and she appears, ragged and frightened, to say that the Academy is under siege by Hydra and to trust no one. Trip is hanging out there hearing the transmission and menacingly locks the door. He and Simmons have a trust issue game that involves a lot of knife-handling and close-talking, but in the end they’re maybe going to sort of try to stick it out.


Ward and May are stuck in the hexagon room, which would be awkward even if they weren’t ex-lovers. Ward thinks it is a dandy time to talk about emotions and being double-crossed and wahhh Ward grow a pair and suck it up.

Fitz was able to repair the hardline, so May is going to talk to Fury. Will it finally be time to have Samuel L. Jackson show up on the show? Nope, because the person on the other end of the line tells her that Fury is dead. HERE IS MORE OF OUR WINTER SOLDIER TIE IN YESSSSS.

Thinking about that is cut short by the fact that the entirety of SHIELD or Hydra or someone is now shooting the bejeesus out of our SHIELD friends, so it is time for everyone to get all the weapons and also too they have to protect Skye at all costs. We were hoping bringing the Fury/Winter Soldier line into the show would mean we cared less about Skye, but that is apparently not going to be the case.

Per May, her direct line to Fury was just so she could keep an eye on Coulson to see if he got weird post-resurrection. Looks like she knew about Coulson all along and also she’s the one that assembled the team that Coulson thought was his, and the entire team revolved around building Coulson back up, with a side of making sure that if things went awry, someone was able to kill him. Damn. Coulson and May are both wrecks.

Ward comes by to say the shooting is over, but everyone knows that the baddies will try to come aboard some time soon. Coulson’s ragtag band of adventurers have many things — the Asgardian weaponry, gravitonium, the weather machine, you name it — if Hydra gets their mitts on it, all is lost. So maybe they’re going to wipe the servers or the hard drive or all the computers, but first Skye is going to back it all up to a tiny portable hard drive, because that is for sure how this would go down. No problem storing the entirety of the earth’s mysteries on a thing you can buy off Amazon for under $100.

hard drive

And here come the soldiers to search the plane. Lots of ominous music. All of the ominous music, likely. Our favorite SHIELDies got out by cutting a hole in the hull or something and are now roaming the halls of the Hub. Skye hands the hard drive over to Ward in a nice overly obvious way. YOU GUYS WARD HAS THE HARD DRIVE.

Trip and Simmons have been found by Hand and her minions. Hand tells her that Hydra has infiltrated everything and they have the support of all the Level 9 and 10 agents, so she’s here to offer Simmons and Trip the choice to swear loyalty to Hydra for all time or die. But before anyone can say “Hail Hydra,” Trip does some fancy maneuvering and grabs a gun from one of the minions, at which point Hand tells him that it was all a test and now they’re totes cool and no one is Hydra oh wait except Coulson is Hydra.



Garrett brings Coulson in, pretending that he’s escorting a prisoner so that the guards will open up, at which point Garrett gets a gun away from one of them and other guns come out and the guards are out of commission. So basically it is Star Wars.

Prisoner Transfer

Simmons and Hand have a fight about how Coulson can’t be Hydra and how maybe Hand could not just kill the entire team outright. Hand runs down the list of Coulson’s transgressions, most of which boil down to “keeping secrets from Victoria Hand.” Also we get a clunky speech from Hand about how they must be steadfast in the face of Hydra and Hydra will show no mercy and so on and so on.

Ward is going to clear a path for Skye to get…somewhere, and it is super dangerous, and he is all mopey and says that it would be better if he died because he killed an innocent man and oh Jesus when did Ward become such a sad sack? Also, on his way out, he decides this is a great time to ask Skye out on a date, if he lives. Dude, the entire world is about to be run by Hydra, Nick Fury is dead, and you’re trying to get with Skye? Such bad timing. Such bad acting. Such boring kissing. That is two minutes of our lives we can never get back.

He steps out into the hallway and shoots everyone and ninja climbs on walls and is a general badass, which is a nice change from the whiny little lovelorn baby he was 90 seconds ago. Approximately eleventy soldiers throw him down on the ground and kick him but he somehow gets free because he is Ward.

Garrett and Coulson are in disagreement over whether it is cool to shoot first and ask questions later where Victoria Hand is concerned. Garrett is pro shooting ASAP, but Coulson wants to chat, because murder isn’t super SHIELD cool. Garrett begins to list all the things Victoria Hand has done wrong, which is basically the whole season’s worth of stuff — Skye getting shot, poor Mike Peterson getting Deathlok’d — and says that she’s probably doing things like that to Simmons even as they speak. But Garrett slips up. In the laundry list of Bad Hand things is something — the placement of Raina into the same machine that tortured Coulson — that Coulson never told Garrett about. Uh oh.

So Garrett is the clairvoyant or a clairvoyant minion! Coulson looks betrayed and gobsmacked and just sort of flat-faced about it. Just then soldiers come into the room and Coulson tells them that Garrett is the clairvoyant and they should take him into custody. Garrett looks around smugly and namechecks Agent Sitwell, who went all Hydra in the Winter Soldier, so that the soldiers know Garrett is all Hydra-y.

Now it is time for Garrett to deliver some really clunky exposition about what happened, because the show would like you to have seen the Winter Soldier but cannot rely upon you having seen the Winter Soldier, so he’s explaining that Hydra has infiltrated SHIELD and now runs SHIELD and Hydra is out of the shadows and also too Nick Fury is dead. Got it? Good.


Bill Paxton is very good at being a good ol’ boy sort of psychopath as he gives this little speech, telling Coulson he didn’t feel happy about torturing him to get info about his resurrection, oh no he didn’t, and he also reminds Coulson that Coulson has been serving Hydra all along since Hydra runs SHIELD. Then he gives a little wink and a nod to May, who stares murder daggers at him. Then he moves on to see if Fitz is interested in serving voluntarily and tells him he’ll get to serve Hydra involuntarily if he doesn’t.

Ward and Skye flashbang the place before Garrett’s troops can kill Coulson, Fitz, and May, and then we have much many types of fighting that result in Garrett being bested, which is right when Victoria Hand walks in.


Slo-mo music montage of Garrett being escorted down the hallway and lots of other people looking bloody and bewildered.

Hand fills Coulson in: SHIELD has fallen, Hydra has taken control of some of the headquarters. This interesting Winter Soldier tie-in is interrupted by Ward being all sadmad that it was his training officer and mentor, Garrett, that went all Hydra. Jesus, Ward. SHIELD is in pieces and you’re still just whining about whatever makes Ward sad at the minute.

Oh good lord they’re going to leave on the plane, because they must have paid for some additional stock footage of planes.

Agents Of SHIELD Recap: The One With All The 'Winter Soldier' Spoilers

Hand just stone cold urges Ward to murder Garrett in cold blood as they transport him somewhere. Ward takes his gun and instead shoots Hand and her people and gives a steely nod to Bill Paxton, who shoots him a down-home grin. Then Garrett goes on and on and on about some past exploits while Ward just broods.

That’s it? That’s how it ends? With Ward moping? AND we have to think of mopey Ward as the most super-double-cross agent ever? COME ON.

In a nice touch, we get the Hydra logo instead of the SHIELD one as we cut to the last commercial.


ABC is actually going to behave itself and air a new episode next week instead of taking weeks off arbitrarily, so presumably we’ll find out more then.

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