AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. RECAP: Why don't you tell me what side to be on... (S2:E2)

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This week’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. features two double crosses, one unlucky waitress, two invisible planes, and plenty of cryptic plot developments. Basically like a weekend at Charlie Sheen’s, except here the invisible planes are real.

We pick up right where we left off last week with “Crusher” Creel running off with the mysterious obelisk, Lucy Lawless dead in a car wreck and her British friend, Lance Hunter, frantically trying to free himself and the corpse of Miss Xena. May shows up on her motorcycle to offer some assistance but is waved off in order to catch Creel.

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Meanwhile Skye and Triplett return to S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ with the stolen Quinjet, allowing everyone to get to work on reverse-engineering the cloaking technology they need. Skye pulls Coulson to the side to talk obelisk and they bond over their mutual alien life-saving treatment from last season. Their alive-ness has a connection to the mysterious metal obelisk that is causing trouble this season and Skye wants answers. Macguffin-palooza up in this bitch.


Turns out the icon on the obelisk (viewed when Lucy Lawless’ hand decides to turn to shit) is the icon that Coulson has been drawing on his walls and discussing with Skye. He cuts her off though because it turns out Hunter has been captured at his crash site and the team needs to make sure he is rescued before they have to ditch their current HQ. They just tiled the bathroom and everything, so this is dire!

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Elsewhere, Creel is having some trouble with the obelisk and can’t seem to control it. Instead of him being able to absorb its properties like a normal piece of metal, the obelisk has taken over part of his hand and turned him deadly. A poor waitress finds this out the hard way and soon turns into a black corpse in front of everyone in the diner.

I don’t buy it, of course. The waitress turns to ash within a few minutes, but Lucy Lawless managed to escape a military base, have her hand chopped off, and then experience a horrific car crash before the obelisk even spread past her hand? I’m not ready to geek out or anything, but that shit is bogus continuity. Also, moment of silence for the poor waitress.

May is on the scene as the bodies are taken away, but Creel is long gone. Off to try and contact HYDRA for some assistance, but receiving nothing but a lot of static. He steps outside of his totally not suspicious panel van and is confronted by Raina, the sun dress-wearing CENTIPEDE/HYDRA baddie from last season (any more organizations and I’ll just come up with my own names).

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Having left HYDRA due to differences in vision, she’s now pounding pavement for Kyle MacLachlan from Twin Peaks and she’s far happier now. Sure, she’s still doing mysterious missions for items that no one seems to know anything about. That doesn’t mean she’s not taking pride in the job.

She manages to talk Creel into double crossing HYDRA and handing her the obelisk, almost assuring that she will get it because this show desperately needed more bad guys (that’s sarcasm, folks).

Back with S.H.I.E.L.D., everyone is being super nice to Fitz after the revelation that his brain is all hurt and he no think so clear no more. Also he’s still seeing Simmons all over the place and losing long tracts of time (I guess, I’m sorta using my own experiences there). Skye and the rest of the cloaking team try to help him work through his mind farts, but it isn’t helping. Luckily he comes out of it a bit by the end of the episode as he creates a way to stop Creel that saves the day. Yay, Fitz!

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I’m getting ahead of myself a bit though. Before that, Hunter returns and Coulson talks with him. Turns out his capture was just a ploy by General Talbot to turn him against Coulson in return for some cash and a proper burial for the fallen Lady Lawless. If anything, this proves that he truly is a mercenary because at the end of the day, he’s only out to find the best price.


Turns out that the best price for him is an easy achievement. Coulson wants to give him a crack at catching Creel (alliteration!) and that is the most important thing to him at the moment. Who knew he would have such honor towards his fallen friends. Guess he’s only a partial-scum, the mythical mercenary with a heart of gold.

Armed with Fitz’s secret weapon, the team plans on ambushing Creel at his drop off with his HYDRA contact. Also in the shadows is Raina, waiting to steal the briefcase with the obelisk and run off into the night.

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The only thing that no one counted on was the betrayal of Hunter for the third time. He shoots our Agents May and Triplett with his S.H.I.E.L.D. ICER gun before making off to kill Creel. The problem is that he forgets Creel can change his composition and the bullet manages to bounce off and instantly metal Creel.

A chase ensues, but ends pretty quickly when Coulson appears with the Fitz super-weapon and puts Creel down for the count. The comics usually have Thor being pushed to the brink to bring down The Absorbing Man, but here all we need is a G-man armed with a flux capacitor. Wonderful.

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Coulson takes Hunter to the side and confronts him with an offer to join S.H.I.E.L.D. for good. Hunter questions it due to his double betrayal of everyone, including a grudge-holding Agent May, but Coulson shrugs it off with the old “everybody makes mistakes” mantra.

Hunter agrees and now we have a nice new cast member who is far more interesting than Ward ever could’ve hoped to be. It took Ward basically going evil to make him remotely interesting, so it’s nice to have someone who can kick ass while not putting me to sleep.

The close of the episode deals with Raina and the obelisk. Kyle Maclachlan emerges from the shadows to reveal himself and a few secrets behind the mysterious metal. Turns out it can choose if it wants to kill or not, depending on some sort of secret methodology that won’t be revealed yet. Probably has something to do with number of lines the victim has this season or something.

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Maclachlan’s identity was already kinda spoiled before the season started, so there’s no need to go into that. But I do like that the next episode goes back to the HYDRA well, showing that the real Simmons has most likely joined them (or she’s undercover, you know how these things work).

I’m just glad she’s back and hopefully we will get a clash between the fake Simmons in Fitz’s mind and the real one outside of it. I can’t wait.

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