Adam Carolla, Who Hosts A Podcast For A Living, Thinks Poor People Are Lazy

Can you imagine being The Daily Caller (or any other conservative media outlet that is trying to be cool), and your biggest celebrity “get” is an extended interview with fading bully/outdated hair product connoisseur Adam Carolla? You’d milk that forever, including highlighting his claim about how rich people are better than poor people, mostly because they’re rich.

Rich people are “better than poor people. They just are,” Carolla said. “I’ve hung around with plenty of poor people and I’ve hung out with rich people. They work harder, generally. More focused. The folks I grew up with, the poor people I grew up with, fairly lethargic, did a lot of complaining, smoked a little too much, drank a little too much, blamed everybody but themselves a little too much.”

We cannot even argue with that one bit, mostly because it is blindingly stupid. Now, we don’t doubt that generations of grinding poverty can wear people down, can render them a bit less “focused,” probably because they’re tired of working 16 hours a day and getting kicked in the teeth by someone like Carolla, but that doesn’t actually equal lazy. Also, Adam Carolla, you host a fucking PODCAST for a living. A PODCAST. Shit, that’s the only thing lazier than blogging we can think of. At least we have to type all day every day.

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We would like to invite Adam Carolla to do a poor person job that combines the tedium of menial labor with the body-shattering difficulty of constant physical exertion (think working in a warehouse, for example) for just one fucking day and then he can tell us about poor people laziness. Dick.

Would you like some more cool humor from Adam Carolla? Probably not! But if we have to watch it, so do you.

Carolla says he wants to be the Al Sharpton of rich white guys, but right now Donald Trump is the Al Sharpton of rich white guys, because this is how Donald Trump operates, per Adam Carolla.

Let’s say your tee time is 10am but you get to the clubhouse and you’re a little bit late and they put you in a foursome with a couple Asian guys that you don’t wanna be in a foursome with, he jumps in, you know, he makes it right, and I would like to take over his mantle.

We actually have no idea what on earth that means except that it manages to sound equal parts racist, dickish, and nonsensical, so basically a hat trick of terrible there from Adam Carolla.

Before we go, we really need to slam the Daily Caller for having the most fucking low-rent interview room and technique ever. Carolla and sycophant/interviewer Jamie Weinstein sit in chairs from that leather line at Ikea that looks pretty dope, but since they only cost like $150, you know they fall apart in about 6 months. Interviewer and interviewee are putting their red Solo cups on a pressed wood coffee table that we owned in college and there’s an American flag hung vertically in the background like it’s covering up a hole in the wall. What the fuck, Daily Caller? You couldn’t even spring for a mug for Adam Carolla? Or hey, Ikea has those plastic tumblers that are like $1 each. You could have picked up a couple of those when you got the chairs. Aren’t you guys all rich masters of the universe over there?

Listen, Daily Caller. We know you think you look daring and transgressive and cool, but all the actual humor sites on the internet are just pointing and mocking. Daily Caller/Adam Carolla, we’re not laughing with you, we’re laughing at you.

[Daily Caller]

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  • msanthropesmr

    Obviously, this man has never heard of Stephen Tennant…

  • Rick Hill

    This guy seems like, if there’s rich folks willing to pay to be stroked, that’s something he’s all up for.

  • EricPoole

    Quote from a newspaper column I wrote when Carolla used a section of the $29.99 roll of toilet paper he wrote a few years ago to say that women aren’t funny:”The following is a partial list of things funnier than Adam Carolla: “The cancer ward at a children’s hospital. 9/11. Gout. A broken leg. Adam Carolla’s teeth. My teeth. That ASPCA commercial with Sarah McLachlan. Dental surgery. Domestic violence. C-SPAN. “Oh, and one more. Women.”And here’s the whole thing if you’re interested:

  • Poly_Ester

    I thought Rick Santorum was the white Al Sharpton or is it Rick Perry, I forget.

  • Ambignostic

    racist, dickish, and nonsensical

    AND using golf as his sports metaphor. “Late for your tee time” is the new “nails girls.”

  • He’s a false-flag 1% sycophant. That vertical presentation of the most sanctified Stars and Stripes is a big fat clue.

  • Constantine

    Just to set the record straight, Carolla grew up with little parental support, and did spend many years working shitty construction jobs and carpet cleaning gigs before he got a break on a local radio station. He seems to assume everybody can do the same… unless they’re just lazy.I used to listen to his podcast because I had followed his career up to that point in spite of the occasional poor-bashing. My break came when he expressed the idea that the use of nuclear weapons on Japan and the resulting radiation horrors were acceptable losses to end the war, displaying a level of ignorance impressive even for him. He’s now apparently gone even further off the rails.

    • Beaufighter

      I know people who came up the same way. They’re overwhelmingly appreciative of hard work and don’t begrudge anyone who’s had to do it themselves. In other words, Carolla’s just a frustrated unfunny wanna-be-wealthy dick.

    • Arcturus

      So, a proper amount of poor-bashing is just fine with Constantine.

      • Constantine

        I don’t feel the need to agree with 100% of what someone says in order to listen to them, but there’s a limit. I enjoy Sean Connery’s work in the Bond films but I condemn his comments about how to treat women.

  • TimJ

    Why are they drinking out of stupid red Solo cups? Trying to prove their “everyman” cred? But Mr. Corolla (I think I had one of those cars..) shows the Daily Caller bozos what a real man he is by keeping his legs crossed in a very masculine way (crotch shot!) towards the camera. The white t is nice normal guy touch. Yuck….

  • SullivanSt

    Fuck me. He whines about poor people being lazy and he has a fucking 10am tee time? Self-awareness = fucking zero. Don’t even try to claim it was the weekend because poor people don’t get fucking weekends, you fucking fuck. Fuck!

  • TJ Barke

    Cuz expropriating the surplus value of the labor of others just makes you better.

  • AKGrrl

    If Johnathan Swift wrote “A Modest Proposal” today, he’d be offered an editorship at the National Review and a permanent gig on Fox News.

  • tegrat

    He must be getting PR tips from Ben Stein.

  • Snarknado

    the poor people I grew up with, fairly lethargic, did a lot of complaining, smoked a little too much, drank a little too much, blamed everybody but themselves a little too much.

    slurred Adam Carolla, between sips from his SOLO cup.

  • pocketfrog

    The interviewer looks so awkward in that chair.

  • jcalli66

    I grew up poor – just like Carolla – and he’s pretty much spot-on ripping poor people despite what poor, ‘offended-and-outraged’ Lisa says. A great many of poor people I knew when I was younger- lazy and very opportunistic at sponging off of whatever free resources were available whether in the form of public assistance, the church, strangers, or their families.

    Why are you so angry Lisa – did Adam’s opinion violate your widdle safespace? You strike me as being a moronic ,self-righteous, ignorant bitch. Adam was a day laborer for the better part of 10-12 years after HS – and what sort of labor have you done in your life that makes so qualified to rip him?

    And f**k most of you other Libtard commentators on here and your fake ‘working-class-hero’ ethic on here. Your all a bunch of envious fucks who cannot stand it when someone is actually successful – its makes your own self-evident mediocrity that much more glaring.