Drudge Siren! Drudge Disco Ball! ABBA To Totally Reunite Next Year! Maybe!

After turning down $1 billion – WITH A B – to reunited and it feels so good back in 2008, ABBA is teasing us with a potential reunion for the 40th anniversary of the release of “Waterloo” next year. Yep, your favorite poppy sorta kinda lite disco band that tore itself apart when all the members who were married to each other got divorced might soon be sharing their dulcet tones with you once again.

We would literally pay any sum of money imaginable to see them tour wearing the same outfits they did in the video for the “Waterloo” single.

We will also settle for these superhero costumes from some German teevee lip synch of “Honey Honey.”

And if the lady ABBAs will bust out the syncopated disco moves from “Dancing Queen” we will die of a mixture of laughter and joy.

We are not even gonna look up pictures of how they look now,because they will always look Swedish golden master race 1970s forever and ever amen.

Drudge Siren! Drudge Disco Ball! ABBA To Totally Reunite Next Year! Maybe!


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  • Jason M

    Fun Fact! On Frida’s 80’s hit, “I Know There’s Something Going On”, that’s none other than Phil Collins singing background AND playing the drums!

    • I always felt like he played the exact same drums in that song that he played for “In The Air Tonight” — or is that just me?

  • MIsterbee6
  • Liz B.

    I never realized that Kiss took their wardrobe cues from Bjorn.

    • yeah–they were way flashier than i remember them being.

  • Zippy W Pinhead

    The quintessential ABBA video…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWGprh24Wv4

  • docterry6973

    I guess the recession has been hard on everyone.

  • Scrappy Otter

    God, I totes had a crush on the Not-Benny male ABBA. Ironic as Benny is the name of my newly acquired, special needs kitteh.Edit: Bjorn. His name is Bjorn. Thanks for the kick in the memory jewels from Liz B.