The A-Team “In Plane Sight” (part 2 of 2)

Hannibal heads up to the cockpit to check in with Murdock. Murdock is working on his “Dick Nash” persona, and since he’s supposed to be a drug smuggler, Hannibal suggests giving him a rough edge.

But Murdock is rather distraught, and he fears he might be becoming too normal to give his character that requisite “edge”. Hannibal gets a little worried as well, and I honestly have no idea what they were going for with this scene. Could be humor, but there’s nothing really amusing going on. And given the nature of the show, I’d say straightforward drama is probably out, too.

That bit of strangeness out of the way, the plane lands and Judy implants the trigger word before waking up our rather large friend. B.A. wakes up irritable and grabs Face, so Face says “eclipse” and B.A. falls right back asleep. Face and Hannibal are delighted that B.A. now has a kill switch.

And then it looks like Murdock is back to his abnormal self, as he enters the cabin with a makeup kit and sporting a rather nasty looking scar.

Caption contributed by Albert

All planes have TV Monster Make-Up kits. They’re right next to the flight recorders.

They get off the plane, telling Judy to wake B.A. up after they’re gone. We cut to an office, where a youthful Lance Henriksen makes his first appearance, in the role of “Mack Dalton”. Sure, he doesn’t get to do much, but goddamn does he ever have a cool name!

The A-Team "In Plane Sight" (part 2 of 2)

Murdock enters in his Dick Nash character, and they have a talk. Well, Dalton talks, while Murdock demonstrates his tough edge by breaking a soda bottle open against a table. But then he sees it’s grape soda, and drops it to the floor.

Caption contributed by Albert

“This sure as hell ain’t made from the best stuff on earth!”

Dalton is rather perturbed, but proceeds to take Murdock to see the cargo he’ll be running. After they’re gone, Face and Hannibal enter, and Hannibal quickly finds a folder with all the information he needs. Jesus, even Thomas Magnum snooped around a bit!

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Multi-Part Article: The A-Team "In Plane Sight"
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