A Sound of Thunder (2005) (part 9 of 13)

The group heads up to the dark, plant-filled Time Safari lobby to gear-up for the expedition across town to find Eckles. They notice there are no guards here, and also, there’s a six-inch-wide stripe of blood on the floor, leading outside. Agent Derris says, “Oh, my God,” in a monotone voice, while the rest of the cast doesn’t react at all. Hey, it’s just the horrible deaths of folks you probably talk to on a daily basis! No big deal!

Payne brings out frozen liquid nitrogen guns for everyone, with the safeties disabled. Dr. Rand then notices that the kind of plants in the office haven’t existed for millions of years. Everyone else then jumps from unimpressed-by-grisly-death mode to say-stupid-things mode. Jenny says, “You mean we’re shooting at plants?” What? Jenny, maybe you shouldn’t talk for a while, okay?

Dr. Rand completely ignores Jenny, then gets in on the say-something-stupid action herself. She continues on about how outside the Time Safari building, evolution has been proceeding uninterrupted for 60 million years. Oh, that’s right! I almost forgot: evolution just flippin’ stopped dead in its tracks when humans came along. But now that’s all changed, apparently.

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Mark M. Meysenburg

Mark teaches at Doane College, a liberal arts college in Crete, Nebraska. Most of his teaching involves computer science, but Mark also occasionally teaches mathematics and the history of science; he has also been known to offer three week courses on the worst movies ever made. Mark's bad movie obsession was kindled in the early 1980s by the Medved brothers, then fanned to full flame by late-night showings of Plan 9 from Outer Space. Who could have predicted the long term effects of satin-pajama-clad, mincing alien menace? Mark's other interests include homebrew beer and wine, and practicing and teaching martial arts.

Multi-Part Article: A Sound of Thunder (2005)

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