A Sound of Thunder (2005) (part 8 of 13)

Agent Derris stomps off, followed closely by Hatton. Out of earshot of the rest of the Time Safari group—lest the details of the bribe come out—Hatton reminds Derris that the only way to cover up whatever malfeasance they’ve committed is to fix the timeline. The final nail in the coffin of Derris’ illogic comes when Hatton promises that if he’s convicted, he’ll rat out Derris. Unsurprisingly, Agent Derris quickly has a change of heart, and the plan to go back to the past is underway.

Caption contributed by Mark M.

“Dude, you won’t believe how much I had to smoke before this script made sense!”

TAMI is back online, and Ryer is suited up in his time jump clothing. Agent Derris wants to make sure that the whole jump is recorded. But in one of those silly timeline conundrum things, this makes no sense. If Ryer does fix the timeline, nobody will be the wiser when he returns to the present, right? So why bring back evidence of a crime that effectively never happened? I’m guessing Derris isn’t too smart. Even for a movie government agent type.

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Mark M. Meysenburg

Mark teaches at Doane College, a liberal arts college in Crete, Nebraska. Most of his teaching involves computer science, but Mark also occasionally teaches mathematics and the history of science; he has also been known to offer three week courses on the worst movies ever made. Mark's bad movie obsession was kindled in the early 1980s by the Medved brothers, then fanned to full flame by late-night showings of Plan 9 from Outer Space. Who could have predicted the long term effects of satin-pajama-clad, mincing alien menace? Mark's other interests include homebrew beer and wine, and practicing and teaching martial arts.

Multi-Part Article: A Sound of Thunder (2005)

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