A Sound of Thunder (2005) (part 13 of 13)

Ryer climbs into the chair, and Transplanted TAMI starts the countdown to the jump. And it seems the emergency generators will have enough power to run the particle accelerator. Hey, why not?

The Baboonosauri are almost through the doors, and if that’s not bad enough, the last time wave is sweeping through the city. Just as the countdown reaches zero, the Baboonosauri finally break through the doors—Although, they aren’t actually shown doing so. The doors just sort of fly open by themselves. Maybe they were supposed to add the creatures in post-production.

Caption contributed by Mark M.

“The university” also has a waterbed in their nuclear reactor core.

Gird your loins for the second stupidest thing in the entire movie. The last time wave sweeps through, causing even more vegetation to appear. Note, however, that the city is still filled with buildings. You know, buildings built by humans. Humans that have now officially been erased from the timeline. Never existed; an evolutionary dead-end. So where did the buildings come from, huh? Aaarrrgh!

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Mark M. Meysenburg

Mark teaches at Doane College, a liberal arts college in Crete, Nebraska. Most of his teaching involves computer science, but Mark also occasionally teaches mathematics and the history of science; he has also been known to offer three week courses on the worst movies ever made. Mark's bad movie obsession was kindled in the early 1980s by the Medved brothers, then fanned to full flame by late-night showings of Plan 9 from Outer Space. Who could have predicted the long term effects of satin-pajama-clad, mincing alien menace? Mark's other interests include homebrew beer and wine, and practicing and teaching martial arts.

Multi-Part Article: A Sound of Thunder (2005)

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  • Mamba

    Hi. Loved the recap and you’re right, these people need to emote more!!! But while the “science” of this movie is pretty dumb I can help with some of the problems you had.

    -You say people seem bloodthirsty in this movie. I think that was the point…to show that our killer selfish natures WILL exterminate everything. Not a flaw but an artistic statement form the director. Why else would poachers raid a zoo as you said? People really DID love to kill things, look how fast they become murders in just a few hours of no electricity. They probably WOULDN’T pay to go see a dinosaur if they didn’t have the right to kill it!!!

    -The problems with things growing around things like trees in buildings and roads. Simply put, dispite assumptions, we never got to see the LAST timewave, when things humans made all go away. Rather we’re seeing the interim stages of change. If the movie went on another 2 hours (scary thought!), we’d probably end with a jungle on earth and no trace of humanity. Same as Dr. Rand’s statement of “we’re the last species to evolve after the last wave”. What she meant was probably “By the time the timewaves get to us it won’t matter what’s to follow because without humans as we are there’s no fixing things”

    -DNA from dinohunts to restore other animals. Everything in the past is linked to everything else in the future, including DNA. Come on, that’s the entire POINT of the movie and you missed the connection?

    -Dino full of bulletholes is OK. Why not? It’s about to be buried in minutes anyway. This is a problem?

    -2 of the crew stand still while dino is there. Of course…they had others running attracting it’s attention, you want to stay still as to NOT do that! They were the smart ones here.

    -Gouvernment efficiency in shuting down the machine. Why NOT assume the licencing board is right on site? I work at a nuclear plant and WE have the licencing staff right on site. They literally CAN shut it down in seconds upon reading a report if they choose!

    -Insisting the test-repair jump is recorded. Well yeah, if it doesn’t work, wouldn’t you want to get some clues from it? It it does work, then no incriminating recording exists.

    -“always weighing less due to nitrogen bullets”. I think they can easially allow for the number of shots fired in their calculations, after all, they hav a video of it and the bullets are standardized.

    -Knowing weight and traits by tracks. Sure…THEY are about 200 pounds so comparing their own tracks to the animal would be easy to determine weight. As for traits…they are pretty distinct.

    -Babbonasaraus hides being super tough. Mayeb they HAVE evolved to survive larger things…we’re only seeing a small slice of life here. Next town there could be 300 foot sabertooth tigers for all we know.

    -suicide as distraction…they gotta stop to eat him so not a bad stragity for a dying man. For a guy who can’t feel his body and barely has mental faculties this is about all he CAN offer the group!

    -Middleton can’t shoot. One word: Halucinating. Ever try to shoot straight when the world is bending and the walls are breathing? :)

    -Rand turning into a catfish. who said that was dr rand? sure the catfish is in the same spot, but maybe it’s just a wandering catfish and there’s others in the building. The babbonasaurus disappeared too, maybe THAT’s what the catfish was and all humans are gone. Next wave the whole building could disappear (remember we’re NOT seeing the last wave, just the last one that matters from our POV) and it’s leaning against a rock. This is vague on purpose, we’re not seeing the end product remember?

    The rest is illogical of course, but at least some thought was done to Bradbury’s abonation. Thanks for the laughs and look forward to reading the rest. BTW, why don’t you guys do writen reviews anymore, it’s all video ones lately…

    • fashionably late

      “-You say people seem bloodthirsty in this movie. I think that was the point…to show that our killer selfish natures WILL exterminate everything. Not a flaw but an artistic statement form the director. Why else would poachers raid a zoo as you said? People really DID love to kill things, look how fast they become murders in just a few hours of no electricity. They probably WOULDN’T pay to go see a dinosaur if they didn’t have the right to kill it!!!”
      Citing examples from the same movie doesn’t back it up; senselessness doesn’t make sense just because of more senselessness. And do you really think nobody would want to see a goddamn dinosaur if they couldn’t kill it – when people already pay to see friggin’ penguins that they can’t kill?

      • mamba

        Yes I do think they wouldn’t go if they couldn’t kill anything, because the movie comes very close to stating that exact same thing. This movie has to stand on it’s own in the world it created, and that movie never mentioned penguins. :)

        We have to take the movie’s world as it’s shown, not as OURS is, and regardless of OUR morality and OUR values, this movie shows a different set of values clearly. Time safari’s isn’t running a dinosaur tourism, they’re offering to shoot the thing…they clearly HAD to offer that, because just seeing a dinosaur WASN’T enough for them. Otherwise, why bother risking the past for it?

        I have to cite examples from the same movie, what else can I do?

  • drdvdplayerhandbook

    Great recap, this movie is unmistakably dumb, I’m glad I only watched it once. I agree with all you say here, and for that I disagree with all remarks Mamba says, (which are, at best, silly) but I won’t be replying to him because he made that comment a month ago, and it’s kinda late for replying.

    As an aside, I remember watching a pretty accurate adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s short story in TV a long time ago, there was even the plaque with the message about letting you choose an animal to kill when they come back from the trip and then the shot of the guy noticing the butterfly in his shoe. I believe it was in the old Spielberg-produced “Amazing Stories” TV show, but I’m going from what my memory tells me from over two decades ago, so I’m not precisely sure. Do you happen to know about it?

  • EagleEyeSA

    Thank you. After playing through the great (though pretty cheap in terms of level design) GBA game, I wanted to see how closely it synced up to the movie. The game offers a superior story to the movie. There are 3 or 4 cutscenes throughout the 12 levels, any other exposition is text. And the characters were genuinely much more likable. The story made more sense. That’s amazing.

  • 明 中島

    Love the recap, but this tiny typo on page 6 made me giggle:

    “threatening to sue the pants of Hatton”

    By the Pants of Hatton, you shall be avenged!

  • Mike

    I just have to stop and say that for all the nitpicking, your smug snarky remark about 16 WHOLE ROUNDS fired from one handgun WITHOUT RELOADING is of itself a sort of dumb thing to say. My Glock 17, which has been around for some time now, holds 17 rounds, plus one chambered. So you know….

    Fact check.

  • Having just seen David Oyelowo in Selma as Martin Luther King, this is surreal as all hell.

  • Michael Bagamery

    Great recap, but there’s also a typo on page 11:

    “Ryer and Rand aren’t particularly phased…” They’re supposed to be “[not] particularly fazed“.

  • BlueDogXL

    I watched this movie in Language Arts. Perfect summary. 100/10