A Sound of Thunder (2005) (part 10 of 13)

Quickly getting over their alleged anguish, Dr. Rand and Ryer talk about how they’ll have to somehow prevent Time Safari from continuing with the jumps. That is, if Ryer is ever able to make it back to the past and fix whatever went wrong with the Eckles/Middleton jump. Of course, if Ryer does fix the timeline, no one in 2055 Chicago will be aware that anything went wrong. So how will they make sure Time Safari stops doing jumps? Another time travel conundrum! Yay!

They finally come to the edge of the park, and peek up over a wall onto a post-apocalyptic street scene worthy of a Mad Max movie. An apartment building is across the street, covered in vines of course, but it also has fires burning outside. Residents are barricaded inside behind a large metal gate.

As our heroes watch, a man and a young boy make a break out of the apartment building, heading two doors down to a store. They make it inside, only to find the interior not only ruined by vines, but also picked clean of merchandise. Man, looters in 2055 Chicago work fast! It’s only been a couple of hours since the shit really hit the fan, and the stores have already been emptied. Curiously, though, the outside of the store is completely intact. So, I guess the looters of 2055 are fast and precise.

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Mark M. Meysenburg

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Multi-Part Article: A Sound of Thunder (2005)

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