A Sound of Thunder (2005) (part 1 of 13)

The Cast of Characters:
Edward Burns as Travis RyerTravis Ryer (Edward Burns). Leader of each Time Safari jump. He justifies his participation in such a—gasp—grossly capitalist venture with crazy talk about studying dinosaur DNA so he can recreate lions. I think. He’s only slightly less stiff than the fossilized bones of the dinosaurs they hunt.
Catherine McCormack as Sonia RandSonia Rand (Catherine McCormack). She invented time travel, so I guess she’s supposed to be the strong, smart woman who defies stereotypes. McCormack succeeds in defying stereotypes, though not in the way you’d expect—she actually plays the least likable love interest ever.
Sir Ben Kingsley as Charles HattonCharles Hatton (Sir Ben Kingsley). Okay, so is Kingsley supporting a Shakespeare revival theater somewhere? Feeding a ferocious monkey on his back with pharmaceuticals? Paying child support for dozens of illegitimate children? What’s up with the roles he’s chosen lately? BloodRayneThunderbirds… This movie…
Jemima Rooper as Jenny KraseJenny Krase (Jemima Rooper). Time Safari staffer with two main roles in the movie. First, she records holograms of each safari. Second, she looks nummilicious.
David Oyelowo as Marcus PayneMarcus Payne (David Oyelowo). Another Time Safari employee. Seems to be in charge of maintaining the time travel machinery, and delivering enormously wordy slabs of exposition.
Wilfried Hochholdinger as Dr. LucasDr. Lucas (Wilfried Hochholdinger). Medical representation on each Time Safari jump. One of those doctors who totally doesn’t get why people aren’t as excited about medical science as he is, and is therefore a drag at parties. Also speaks with a thick accent, making him unintelligible much of the time. Considering his lines, that’s probably a blessing.
August Zirner as Clay DerrisClay Derris (August Zirner). Government regulator along for the ride on each jump, charged with making sure that nobody alters history. (We’ll see how well he succeeds soon enough.) On the take from Hatton, of course.
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Multi-Part Article: A Sound of Thunder (2005)

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