VIDEO: A Fairly Odd Summer (2014)

I blame Dinkleberg! Joey reviews the latest (and hopefully last) live-action Fairly Odd Parents movie.

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  • W.C. Wit

    I had to pause and rewind at that “magic moment” several times to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.

  • MichaelANovelli

    Somewhere between firing John K and All That going from mostly black actors to an all-white cast…

    • Joseph Patrick

      I agree. Having Dill on “Rugrats” was when Nick went to hell in a basket! lol

  • Jerry Nava

    Oh my god, that ending, I just couldn’t take it, I had to pause too.

    What in the heeeeeeell

  • Jonathan Campbell

    Pausing at 2:50 to say…

    – It was all OsCorp in the Ultimate universe.

    – It was all OsCorp in the Spectacular universe.

    – It wasn’t all OsCorp in any other series (have not watched the Ultimate cartoon…but I’ve heard that is a nightmare that someone else is having)…which gives THEM the contrived coincidence points. Why is a common origin MORE a coincidence a bunch of random people getting superpowers and becoming superheroes / villains due to a bunch of unrelated accidents and incidents?


    Back to the review.

    • Joseph Patrick

      It annoys me. I liked it when the older comics didn’t walk into these conveniences. To a degree, they tried to separate Oscorp from everything in the original Ultimate comics, going between Hammer Corp, SHIELD and the Kingpin in the first few volumes. But with the movie, just the idea of making the spider have relevance to Peter’s because it’s a mix of his father’s blood just felt like they were trying really REALLY hard to connect everything! I don’t think Stan Lee gave a crap whether the spider that got shot with radiation was this conspiracy about Peter’s destiny! But that’s just my take on it. Kind of a tangent, but I don’t mind geeing about ol’ web head. Besides what did you think of the review?

      • Jonathan Campbell

        My point was the older comics had a whole bunch of conveniences- they were just unrelated. Which, lets be honest, is much less likely than everything stemming from a single source. It might go a bit far at times, but overall I find it more streamlined.

        The Ultimate comics had a bigger universe to play with (and OsCorp still tied into Hammer Industries and SHIELD as well, anyway) but beyond that, a movie series can’t go off in those directions the way comics can.

        In the mainstream comics Peter’s parents were spies ultimately murdered by the (fake) Red Skull; in the Ultimate comics his dad was the one who created the Venom costume.

        So I actually find it quite natural that they tie things together this way. Especially since they have decided to adapt Gustav Fiers (who is a character from The Sinister Six novel trilogy, and also played a part in the death of Peter’s parents).

        The review was terrible.

        I mean, you were fine and everything, but you were reviewing A Fairly Odd Summer. Trying to review the video from The Ring would have been more merciful on us all.

  • Sofie Liv

    You know what would have been a far more approbriate ending?

    Now hold on, brace yourself for this… Timmy giving up his fairies on own violation.

    I am serious, think about it, we establish these kids whom clearly is in need of Fairy God parents.

    Timmy sees this and slowly realises that for them to get what they honestly need, he would have to give up on his own god parents.

    He don’t wanna in the beginning, but slowly realises he is in fact being terrible selfish.

    He realises now with Tooty in his life and being a basic adult that can take care of himself and isn’t brought down by baby sitters or neglectful parents, he doesn’t really need fairy god parents anymore and realises as long as he selfishly keeps them, other children whom needs them more than he does is going without.

    So at last he grants the children whim truly needs fairies, their faires, he says his final goodbye to them, telling them how much he loves them and they’ll always be in his heart, before he walks out in the sunset with Tootie in his hand.

    Now having grown up, becoming a mature responsible adult.

    The end.

    That took me ten seconds to come up with, come on stuff like this aint that hard! Why can’t I be paid to come up with these obvious ideas?! D:

    • Jonathan Campbell

      Yes, but then they wouldn’t be able to make MORE SEQUELS.
      You see the problem?

      • Sofie Liv

        stories that takes place between this movie and the first life action movie, we don’t need to be strict about this.

        • Jonathan Campbell

          Touché`, Sofie Liv.

          • Sofie Liv

            We could also make a sequel where the fairies comes flying back to him because they need him specifically to sort some buisness out because he is. “The chosen one.” or. “the only one to have ever kept Fairies for so long.” or. “did some stupid bullshit as a kid that now has consequences.”

            It’s doable is all that I am saying.

    • danbreunig

      Even without growing up on the show, this is a premise I can totally get behind and wish would happen more often, whatever the series is. It’s really my go-to dream scenario of how to wrap up a series in the most meaningful way.

      Coming up with these ideas is not the hard part–making them (and making them *work*) is.

    • Joseph Patrick

      There was an ending similar to that. It was to the tv movie channel chasers, which is what fans like myself wanted as the complete ending. Timmy grows up, looses his godparents and raises a family with Tootie. So yeah, you’re on the right track!

      • Sofie Liv

        I know, I also grew up with the show, Channel Chasers is a fun fun two parter :)

        The difference here just being that we see how Timmy looses then and well, chooses for himself to give them up, in spite of how deeply attached he is, for the betterment of others showing how he has grown as a characters.

        That would be a nice ending I think.

        Though that he ended up hiring an evil Vicki robot as a baby sitter was just a tiny bit unfortunate <_<

        • Joseph Patrick

          In regards to hiring the evil Vicky bot. To quote Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove, “It’s called a cruel irony… like my dependence on you, Kronk.”