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On this episode of the Cartoon Palooza, Joey looks at a small movie called 9, the tale of a hand-stiched doll who comes to life in a world ravaged by a war between humans and machines. It promised to be “not your little brother’s animation”, but instead, we got Tim Burton-style action figures acting out The Terminator.

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  • Phazer8472

    Yeah, the initial portrayal of 1 was kind of offensively blunt, but he does redeem himself at the end.

    I disagree that the dead come back in the end. They get integrated into the newly rejunvenated liveforce of the earth and also get to see 9 and the others one last time, but they’re still gone as independent personalities. I personally found it very poignant and well done.

    I thought this move’s tone in general was its best feature. The “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” scene in particular was a masterpiece in contrast. The hopeful, sunny music played over the gradual return of the steampunk nightmare is not only darkly humorous but also a microcosm of the setting itself- the weary but warmly optimistic humanism of the fin de siecle and interwar periods embodied in the childlike playfulness of the Wizard of Oz is cruelly cut down by evil notHitler perverting the wonders of science to bring on the destruction embodied by the machine. It’s a perfect metaphor.

  • Sofie Liv

    Yeah.. couldn’t help be dissapointed in this movie.

    I just remember seeing all of the pictures and trailers and were absolutely amazed, it looked absolutely awesome to me as well as being some-thing straight up my alley. 

    And then as I saw the movie it was… surprisingly generic.. not at all as memorable as I would have exspected. Don’t get me wrong, I agree, it’s not a bad movie persay.. but, it really isn’t memorable at all, you watch it, it’s over, you forget about it pretty much, which isn’t a good sign :/

    Yet, all the promotionel stuff still looked so cool that I do remember all of that!

    • Tedzey71

      This movie doesn’t leave a punch, which is a shame since the short managed to do it with less running time! 

  • Thomas Stockel

    Thanks for this, Joey. My local library has this and I had considered seeing it, but from what you said I think I’ll pass.