(500) Days of Summer (2009) (part 9 of 10)

On Day 450, Tom is again on the bleachers during his little sister’s soccer practice. Rachel comes over and is happy to see he’s “sketching again”. But then she looks at his drawing, and it’s Summer (one assumes) with a bloody knife in her hand.

(500) Days of Summer (2009) (part 9 of 10)

Rachel then points out the other girls on her team, who are all in a giggly huddle and staring at Tom. She says all of her friends are in love with him. Well, yeah, because none of them have seen how he treats his friends and coworkers.

Rachel: It’s like we said. Plenty of other fish in the sea.
Tom: Thanks. But, uh… those are guppies.

Once you’ve recovered from your sides being split, here’s Rachel with one final thought. She says that even though Tom thought Summer was “the one”, Rachel didn’t think she was “the one”. Did Rachel ever even meet Summer? I doubt it.

She tells Tom that he’s “just remembering the good stuff” in their relationship. She says that the “next time you look back”, he should “look again”.

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Multi-Part Article: (500) Days of Summer (2009)

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