(500) Days of Summer (2009) (part 4 of 10)

And now, it’s Day 27, and we’re back at the office. Curly Hair Guy Friend tells Tom that Friday night is karaoke night. They have a tedious discussion about the last karaoke night, where Curly Hair Friend got really drunk and did a bunch of stuff that’s not even slightly funny and I’m skipping it.

Tom doesn’t want to go, so his friend keeps repeating that the “whole office is going”. Which means Summer is going. So of course, Tom wants to go, because what better way to impress a woman than by singing bad karaoke?

And then it’s Day 28, and presumably, also Karaoke Night. Curly Hair Friend is up on stage singing Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”. Yup. Everything about the ‘80s is just innately hilarious, isn’t it?

Tom talks to Summer over at the bar, but then she gets called up to sing. She does a shot and heads for the stage, where she proceeds to murder the Nancy Sinatra song “Sugar Town”. And true to the cutesy nature of this movie, the song is full of cutesy “shoe-shoe-shoe, shoe-shoe-shoe, Sugar Town” lines in the chorus. I’d just like to say that this movie’s soundtrack is the perfect gift for any college freshman in your life. It’s full of enough bizarre and obscure and precious and outright stupid songs to blow away just about any mix tape my friends made for me back in the day.

Caption contributed by Albert

“I’m cute-cute-cute… cute-cute-cute…”

And now, all three of them are in a booth. It’s Tom, Summer, and Curly, all stinking drunk. This greeting card company appears to be a fantastic place to work. You can get shitfaced at company gatherings with no consequences whatsoever. This is a company that obviously has never had to retain a lawyer.

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Multi-Part Article: (500) Days of Summer (2009)

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