(500) Days of Summer (2009) (part 3 of 10)

And now it’s Day 3. Tom and his cutesy guy friend/coworker are talking about Summer across the short wall between their cubicles. The friend has heard Summer is a bitch, and won’t talk to any of the guys in the office, and he even suggests she’s a “superskank”.

This gets Tom full of anger, wondering why pretty girls “think they can treat people like crap and get away with it?”

The punch line from the guy friend is, “Centuries of reinforcement.” Bah dum bum. Yes, guys like pretty girls, and pretty girls often get their way with the guys who like pretty girls. Greetings, and welcome to Planet Earth.

The guy friend gets a lot of jokes in this movie, and absolutely none of them are funny. But if you need another reason to hate him, just know that in real life, Geoffrey Arend is married to Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame. The day they got married, it was as if millions of guys suddenly cried out “What the fuck?!?” and were suddenly silenced. (And by making a tired Star Wars reference, I’ve just proven that I’m at least as funny as the screenwriters.)

Caption contributed by Albert

Judging by this movie, she can’t even claim that he makes her laugh.

By the way, I do believe Christina Hendricks rents apartments for significantly below market value. In fact, I think all she has to do is walk into an apartment, any apartment, and someone will just hand her a key.

And so, Tom gets all fake turned-off to Summer, and says, “screw her”.

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Multi-Part Article: (500) Days of Summer (2009)

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