(500) Days of Summer (2009) (part 10 of 10)

And now, it’s Day 488. Tom is sitting on a bench at his favorite spot, wearing a suit. Someone calls out his name, and because there are only five characters in this movie, it’s Summer, who just happens to be sitting there on another bench directly behind him.

They have a little reunion, with Summer saying she’s always loved coming here since Tom introduced her to this place. And… where’s her husband right now? Does Summer even have a job? Does she just sit in this park all day? We never find out. They talk about how Tom quit the greeting card company, and how Summer got married, and Tom can’t believe it.

“Yeah,” Summer says in her usual bland, emotionless tones. “It’s crazy, huh?” It comes out that she was already seeing this guy when they danced at Millie’s wedding. Well, I should hope so, seeing as how she was engaged to him a week later.

Tom asks why she danced with him if this other guy was in her life. Summer says, “’Cuz I wanted to!” And there’s that free Summer spirit we’ve all come to know and love. Tom and Summer spent that whole day together, and yet Summer never once bothered to mention she was seriously dating some other guy. But that’s Summer for you! Hey, man, you can’t expect rational behavior from a wild, untamed soul like Summer.

And then Tom points out how she kept saying she didn’t want a boyfriend, and now she has a husband. She says she just woke up one day and she knew. And the thing she knew was “what I was never sure of with you.”

So Tom goes into a dumb speech about how “destiny and soul mates and true love” are all total bullshit, but Summer says he’s wrong. She talks about how she was at a deli one day, reading Dorian Gray (wow!), and some guy came up to her and asked her about the book. “And… now he’s my husband.” Well. Thanks for the recap, Summer. But you know what’s really odd? She never once mentions the guy’s name in this scene.

She wonders what would have happened if she had gone to the movies that day, or if she had gone somewhere else for lunch that day. “It was… it was meant to be!” Summer assures him he was right about destiny; he was just wrong about her. And then the scene ends with them on the bench, and she puts her hand on his, showing us the wedding ring. And I believe this is where we came in.

(500) Days of Summer (2009) (part 10 of 10)
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Multi-Part Article: (500) Days of Summer (2009)

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  • Bob

    I tried to read this article all the way through but stopped barely after starting the 2nd page. You clearly don’t understand the film.. much less its genre.. not a comedy but a drama with elements of comedy.. Bashing Regina Spektor’s music whose sound is perfect to this film, both songs capture what is seen on screen and the emotions shown. It’s clear there is a real lack of knowledge on much of what the movie references to understand to you, which is fine because some people choose to live close-minded in their bubble rather than discovering new things. It’d be a waste of time to explain anything further really to a soulless article such as this.

    • Ben

      Hipsters, we all know one…

    • Mary

      “which is fine because some people choose to live close-minded in their bubble rather than discovering new things”
      yeah and one of those people is you, who stopped on the 2nd page, and stated ”
      You clearly don’t”, which is quite a ‘judgmental’ or close-minded remark. Read the whole article before commenting, Bro.. Page 10 is the most interesting, at least for me. And, the writer indeed discovered a new thing after rearranging parts of the film into chronological order, which is, again, contradictory with your comment.

      Anyway, people, please, learn to differentiate between “hatred” and “critical” commentaries. I see no hatred in the writer’s commentary, just something critical. 

    • CDiehl

      You didn’t explain anything, you just postured in writing, telling us how the author “doesn’t get it”. You certainly haven’t explained what’s good about this movie, just cheaply dismissed another person’s opinion because you don’t share it.

      Also, it should not be necessary for someone to be conversant with some other creative work in order for the one currently being presented to be appealing. To say that is to admit it isn’t worthwhile on its own. For example, I may not get every joke on MST3K, but the jokes are told well, so they’re funny. It may be flattering to consider oneself an insider and feel superior to others, but that by itself does not make a movie good.

    • Ryan Colson

      No, this is just a bland film but this isn’t a romantic comedy with drama aspects.
      I don’t think you understand what makes a film drama.

  • ahmed

    yes that’s right i live a life with a girl friend close to the life that found in the film between the boy and the girl,i like this film

  • ahmed

    sorry about my english i know it’s not good :) , i mean i lived*

  • Sandra Dee

    I know Belle & Sebastian because they wrote a song implying (probably correctly) that a baseball player named Mike Piazza (who had a press conference, in NYC of course, to say he was straight) was gay. So, either I am terribly indie or I don’t even know, since I hated this movie so fucking much and now I can’t even finish this recap just because I hated the movie so much. =/

  • (10) Pages of Shit

    I feel sickened by this awful article.

  • Strelnikov

    Albert, you don’t get it – this entire piece of crap is just an excuse for Zooey Deschanel to play the Manic Pixie Dream Girl* because Wynona Ryder is too old. Nothing else, which is why they had to fragment the non-story into little shitty shards. It’s a triumph of cutsie-poo on Deschanel’s part – a way to announce that this human-Muppet hybrid was the new Manic Pixie Dream Girl of schlock romantic comedies. Did it work? Nope.


    * Stolen from the A.V. Club.

  • Klie1101

    well, I absolutely love this movie and think that the story is a great twist on a typical romantic comedy with great characters. but everyone is entitled to their own opinion :)

    • CDiehl

      How does anyone like this? It’s a written form of filler. This person may as well have written “it is what it is” for all the content that’s here.

  • Empra Ter

    I could only stand to read a bit of your article. Funny how you gave so much time and effort, wasted precious moments of your life you will never get back bashing this film that you claim is so horrific. In my opinion its a great film. If you don’t like it that’s your business but I and many others agree it’s a great piece of work. Sorry.

    • Michael A. Novelli

      And because you and many others disagree, that automatically makes Albert wrong?

      Yes, that sounds about right…

    • CDiehl

      In other words, you have an opinion that’s based on nothing, but because somebody else differs from you, you’ll childishly defend that opinion. Your response to ten pages of someone explaining his opinion in detail is half a paragraph of passive-aggressive mush. I don’t care if this is a good movie or a bad one. I’m just as tired as tired can be of one person spending time and effort to explain his opinion of something instead of dismissing it in a couple of sentences, and another person dismissing that effort in a couple of sentences.

  • I’m wondering if Bananafish is a reference to the song Bananafishbones by the Cure.

    • Eagle Vision

       There’s a shoujo manga called Banana Fish. It’s the first thing that came to my mind. It’s from the 80’s even. But the characters don’t specify so it could be anything by that name.

    • menocu

      I assume it’s a reference to this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Perfect_Day_for_Bananafish

  • Thomas Yates

    So wait. What are your thoughts on Memento? That movie is insanely easy and boring if told chronologically, yet it’s a wonderful movie.

    • Tommy Inglis

      I think it’s more that Memento had a reason for the use of the device (the whole Amnesia thing), where (500) Days of Summer seems to use it for no particular reason other than to seem clever.

  • Charlie

    Oh wow. I’m not going to try to explain to you why this movie is great, but I will say that you don’t really understand it.
    It’s amazing how closed minded some people can be.
    I read the whole article, it’s very interesting that you found the “Roses are red” part funny, when that’s propably one of the weakest joke in the whole movie.
    This movie is not pretentious, it’s just a story about misconceptions in the matters of love, it was told in a witty way, and I really hope that you understand it one day.
    Please read books. That could help.

    • $36060516

      “Please read books. That could help.”

      How is this a constructive or appropriate comment? When I think of movies that require “reading some books” to understand, a romantic comedy by the director of “The Amazing Spider-Man” with a cast led by a sitcom star is not exactly what comes to mind. Go watch Ingmar Bergman’s “Persona” and get back to me.


  • Charlie

    One more thing: I really hope you never write a “review” about Pulp Fiction. I think your brain could explode in the process, and I want people like you to live longer because my self steam is low, and you make me feel really smart.

    • $36060516

      “my self steam is low, and you make me feel really smart.”

      I hope it doesn’t lower your self-esteem for me to point out that “self steam” isn’t the expression you were looking for.

  • Jeff

    Charlie, I find it funny how you insult someone from disagreeing with your point of view. There are already PLENTY of films out there dealing with misconceptions “in the matters of love,” and this movie went against its own formula – saying its not a typical romantic comedy while playing on all the key notes and pretending to be “fresh” and “new.” Neither of the characters are interesting, neither is the relationship. as far as I’m concerned, this critique is another perspective.

  • Daphne

    Thanks for this article/review. I had a crush on one of my teachers during my last 2 years of high school; I related to the film because I was completely smitten with my teacher in the same way Tom was smitten with Summer, to the point that he was all I could think about and all of my decisions were irrational, being based around him. After I graduated I spent a few months wallowig in self-pity and blaming him for my sorrow (why did he have to be so good-loooking? Why did he have to be so nice? Why did he have to like the same stupid books, music, and movies that I liked?) But that all changed when I read this article and realised how far Tom’s head was shoved up his ass. I realised that it was a simple crush and nothing else, and that the best thing to do was to move on with my life. Again, thanks for writing this.