VIDEO: The 5 worst animated films of 2014

Which ones made it to the top… of the worst?

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  • Solid List Joey :)

  • Bouncy X

    in regards to the Penguins, i imagine the tv series is pretty popular and doing well. so they probably just figured “hey, the kids love the show…i bet they’d love a movie too”. though with how long these sorta movies take to make and the show not being very old….its possible they were created at the same time.

    thats very sad about the Nut Job and its use of Psi or however the hell he spells it. i mean putting aside how terrible that gag is, the joke itself was already old and dead before they used it. so i’m guessing this means sometime this year or the next, there will be an animated movie referencing the Miley Cyrus MTV thing.

    • lonestarr357

      I can’t begin to tell you how ashamed I am to know this, but Rio 2 had a gag that referenced “Wrecking Ball”.

      • Bouncy X

        oh my god….are you serious? now i gotta watch this when it hits tv. lol

  • Penguins didn’t work because there isn’t enough to the main characters to base a 90-minute story around. They’re the comic relief, funny when part of a larger story, which is also why I think the Minions movie will suck.

    I read that some of Legend of Oz’s financiers are suing for embezzlement or something, as that film cost $70m to produce (more than The Lego Movie) and looks like they just stitched together cutscenes from a PS2 game.

    • Sofie Liv

      Actually I think there is, problem just is the movie seemed to be far more concerned about celebraty voice actors and gimmicks then their characters.

      The ironic thing is they had a television show called. “Penguins from Madacagscar.” that ran for 3 seasons and had two specials which were basically movies that lasted 80 minutes, but in continuiety with the show and cheaper animation and…. That show and those two specials, actually held very better up than the big cinema movie!

      No shit, it’s a genuinely funny show which is very entertaining and bring something new to the characters fleshing them a bit out, the ten minutes format the show usually took probably also fits the penguinsa bit better, but those specials, they also held up really well and were genuinely very funny and very entertaining.
      The first one being called. “Revenge of Doctor Blowhole.” where they in best James Bond Parody fight a dolphin villain voiced by Neil Patrick Harrison, and it was really really funny and really entertaining.

      Maybe it’s because the television show had freer hands, I don’t know…. In fact.
      This also sounds odd, maybe it’s because I have grown accostumed to them but… The voice actors for Kowalski and Private, whom are different in the television show… I like them better in the television show, it just feels like they have a longer range and they verbal humour is far more spot on.

      I think they could potentially have made a funny movie, but then because they felt like the voice actor for Skipper did not have enough star potential.. him being an animator, not a famouse actor and all, felt like they had to cramp down other characters in there voiced by celebreties, which would have been fine, but the characters they did end up with was ultimately very uninteresting, unfunny and left little to the story… so yeah, wasted oppertunity.

      Could have been a funny fast paced animated parody taking all of the most beloved spy tropes and make fun of them while focusing on penguin… But alas that is not what we got :(