What Does $47 and a Sandwich Get You These Days?


Hi. That shirt looks great on you. Do you come here often? Yeah, I’m here all the time. Actually, I own the place. My name’s Rick. Nice to meet you.

Welcome to the new Happy Nice Time People, where we enjoy watching TV and mocking the ever-living shit out of it. Don’t worry, we’re still a bunch of whiny socialist libtards so you’ll fit right in.


As I explained to Rebecca when she graciously allowed me to take over this site in exchange for great big piles of money, I plan to carry on Happy Nice Time People as a bitingly cruel news/humor site aimed at the TV industry. Don’t worry—we’ve kept all of the wonderful snark, dick jokes, and leftist browbeating you’ve come to expect from this site, only with a laser-like focus on that glimmering talking box all your furniture is pointed at.

Television is a collective social experience that allows people all across America to interact and connect with one other as if we all had a common set of friends. Fictional friends, sure, but so what? (And don’t give me any holier-than-thou “I don’t even own a TV” crap; we all know you watch Orange Is the New Black on your iPad.)

With the new Happy Nice Time People, now we’ve all got a place to gather together and engage in the world’s oldest non-naked pastime… mercilessly ridiculing our mutual friends behind their back.

I’m glad you’re here to join us.

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