VIDEO: 4 obscure Halloween specials

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Cecil recommends some hard to find Halloween TV specials.

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  • Mike Smith

    Never heard of the WNUF one!!! Where can I get it, or where I can find online???

    • Bouncy X

      back when Canada had the horror channel Scream, they aired something similar. it was all done in the same style, as a real live event about ghosts or something and then it becomes “real”. if i recall it was actually a british production but its been so long i dont remember!!

      • Cecil_Trachenburg

        Sounds like you might be thinking of Ghostwatch?

        • John Wilson

          Suprise you didn’t mention “Ghost watch”.

          • Cecil_Trachenburg

            I didn’t find out about it until after I did the video. I’m shocked I somehow missed it.

        • Bouncy X

          yes yes…that is it!!

    • Cecil_Trachenburg
      • danbreunig

        One more cool GBF to add to my indefinite hunt for your legendary VHS gems. Especially considering this film is meant to be a literal VHS. So appropriate. Never got to see anything Boogedy, even though I was aware of it when it first aired.

        • Cecil_Trachenburg

          you’ll really like this week’s episode then. Another film that is VHS only. :)

          • danbreunig

            Now I’m all giddy. Time to go stock up on a few VCRs.

  • Sean Tadsen

    I remember watching the Boogedy movies as a kid (we recorded them on VHS – yes, we actually knew how to work the VCR). But it wasn’t until a year or so ago when my dad decided to transfer them over to DVD that I noticed some of the really disturbing implications of the first movie.

    Okay, so one kid complains about the new house being haunted – parents respond as expected and shrug it off. All three kids complain about the house being haunted – parents continue to shrug it off. It literally takes the whole family having an experience straight out of Poltergeist for mom to finally go, “You know, maybe there *is* something wrong with this house.” And yet they continue to stay.

    I know it’s a kids’ movie, so the adults are guaranteed to be next to useless most of the time, but come on – this is less “useless” and more “reckless endangerment.”

    Also, it’s implied that the town was founded by Puritans. And yet they decided to name it Lucifer Falls. WTF?

    Oh well, at least they got John Astin in the movie, being all creepy-yet-friendly.

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      There must be a thing with movie parents where they never believe the kids until it is too late.

      • Ken Zevo

        If they did, the movie would only be about 20 minutes long.

        It’s like Lord of the Rings. If they’d just had the eagles fly them str8 to Mt. Doom in the first place, and dropped The Ring into the boiling-hot lava from the air, then the whole trilogy of books would have condensed down into about one chapter … and a mighty short one, at that.
        [ WARNING: lots and lots of f-bombs; so this video is NSFW/C (Not Suitable For Work or Children) ]

        more here:

        • Sean Tadsen

          Every time someone brings up the eagles, I have the same response – the eagles are *not* a taxi service. They have better things to do than carry all these lazy-ass people around.

          • Ken Zevo

            And I will bring up what *I* tell people, when they say what you have: “To be permanently rid of THE RING, and all the inherent dangers that go with it, I feel sure that the eagles would have made an exception. That is just common sense – something you seem to be sadly lacking, if this has to be pointed out to you.”
            P.S. I am not chucking asparagus at LotR, nor Tolkien. I adore the trilogy, and read it frequently. But it still has a nasty little plot hole in it … a fact I carefully lay aside and ignore, while reading, because nobody’s perfect … and I find the books and movies are far more fun, when that little tidbit is temporarily overlooked.

          • Sean Tadsen

            Maybe. Then again, these are the same eagles that only saved Thorin & co. in The Hobbit because the king of the eagles owed Gandalf a favor, and they were literally on the eagles’ doorstep. And people tend to forget that the War of the Ring wasn’t just confined to around Mordor – presumably there was plenty going on in the north, we just don’t hear about it (and there are goblins under the Misty Mountains).

            But yeah, it is one of those fridge-logic plot holes.

          • Ken Zevo

            I apologize for being curt, earlier. It has been one of THOSE days. You know things are not going well, when you hear a voice in your head saying, “I’ll be SO happy when YOU are dead!” … and it is saying it to another VOICE, not to you.
            All joking aside, my most sincere apology. I have some anger issues I am working on; but that’s just an explanation, not an excuse. As my moral compass keeps reminding me, “There is no excuse for abuse.”
            And thank you for remaining a gentleman, even when I was not. Your restraint has been greatly appreciated, most esp. today.

            P.S. It’s probably because the Nazgul had those winged mounts, so it would have just resulted in an aerial combat in which The Ring might have been captured by the other side. The Eye of Sauron would have been able to see the eagles coming, a long way off, giving the Nazgul plenty of time to get into an superior intercept position. That is my best guess.


          • danbreunig

            That’s what I chalked it up to. Even when LOTR were just the books, readers were already claiming the same thing–just give Gwaihir the One Ring and get it overwith. The biggest reason that I accept the big plot hole, and may even consider it Tolkien’s unspoken intent, is just that: they wouldn’t stand a chance against the Nazgul, who would certainly expect an invasion by the Eagles sooner than by some obscure humble folk way off west in the Shire.

            I applaud your ability to keep cool through a tough day, too; that sounds like what my whole year’s been thus far.

            Don’t worry, Cecil, I’ll think of something relating directly to your review. I think.

          • Ken Zevo

            I don’t think it’s really that big of a plot hole … it just seems that way, on first encounter and examination. It is a real “WTF!??!” moment. It seems so obvious … once someone ELSE points it out. Humans do not typically think in 3 dimensions (as Khan Noonien Singh discovered the hard way, in Star Trek 2), because we so rarely have to operate in more than 2 dimensions. That’s why we so rarely look UP, and are so vulnerable to attacks from above.

            I originally typed the word “huge”, myself, then thought better of it. I mean, if it was so “huge”, then why did *I* fail to notice it after 25+ years of reading and re-reading the books through high school, college, and beyond? It would have to be fairly small and subtle opening, to pass THAT kind of constant scrutiny, lol! I never even heard of that plot hole, until the internet finally came along – nor had anyone else that I knew, across 3 continents. (I was in the Army for 3 years.) So, I figure, if all those people could miss it (as well as me too) so easily and for so long, then maybe so could Tolkein … and the characters themselves too, by logical extension, lol. Stranger things have happened, just read “The Purloined Letter”.

            So, just give the problem a quick shave with Occam’s Razor, and it’s fixed!


            Sorry to hog the thread, Cecil. I am done now. “Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!”

          • Cecil_Trachenburg

            Its all good! :)

        • Cecil_Trachenburg

          HEHHEH yes! Ah old Eddie Murphy. He used to be hilarious.

          GET OUT!

      • Sean Tadsen

        It’s not their doubt that bothers me – it’s how un-freaked out they are by everything. I mean, after all their stuff just flew around the room for about five minutes, mom’s response is to very calmly say something along the lines of, “I think we should leave.”