Empire: I'm Gonna Rap-Battle You Sucka! (S2 E8 RECAP)

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Daddy Dearest Lucious Lyon throws a party at Leviticus and invites “vloggers, bloggers, and whatevers” to witness Freda’s new diss track…aimed at Hakeem. In the song, Freda brags about how she is the son Lucious always wanted and mocks Hakeem for being a spoiled rich brat and a mama’s boy. “In my hood, you a sucka,” raps Freda. Aw, snap. Freda, you’re not right, girl . . . But you’re also not wrong.
Hakeem is in the middle of making out with Laura, who admits she is a virgin and wants Hakeem to be her first, when he gets the news about the diss track. Hakeem is upset–he is a lover, not a fighter. (Not really; he abandoned the lovin’ to get agitated about Freda? Hakeem = Sucka with a capital “S.”
Meanwhile, Jamal has a shot at being the new face of Pepsi (#ProductPlacement) but has to submit an original song for consideration. He turns to Cookie for help. She’s happy to oblige, but she can’t resist nagging him about defecting to Lyon Dynasty. Jamal tells his mother that he wants to secure the Pepsi deal first and can’t let Lucious know they are working together or else he’ll sabotage the deal.
However, Lucious has his hands full negotiating the SwiftStream merger. His and Mimi’s illegal plan to dope up the head of SwiftStream to steal his company wasn’t completely foolproof–Jago Locke, the CEO, jacked up the price of his company, so the merger is now more expensive. Lucious wants to bully Jago into lowering his price, and Andre reminds his father, “This is business, not a rap battle.”
“It’s all the same to me, so long as I win in the end,” responds Lucious. Lucious tells Andre to call in Thirsty to find dirt on Jago.
Meanwhile, the writers finally remembered Grace Gealy is still on the payroll and give her a storyline: Anika discovers that she is pregnant with Hakeem’s baby. Dang, maybe you should have just kept quietly collecting those checks, Grace Gealy. Carrying Sucka Jr. is not much of a storyline.

In a surprising twist…

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