The 30 most popular posts of 2014

2015 has arrived, and there’s no better time to take one last look back at what we here at the Agony Booth accomplished in the previous year. In 2014, our staff members posted 423 articles and videos, and here are the 30 most popular.

(Methodology: In the interests of fairness, posts are ranked by how many unique pageviews they each received in the first 15 days of being posted. Since the two most recent articles on this list haven’t been up for 15 days yet, I guesstimated a bit based on how well they’re currently doing. I’ll update this post with more concrete numbers later in the week.)


And so, without further ado…

The 30 most popular posts of 2014

#30: Firefly fans: It’s time to forgive FoxDr. Winston O’Boogie, May 5

#29: Blu-ray cover art is depressingly badDr. Winston O’Boogie, May 20

#28: Batman (1989)Dr. Winston O’Boogie, Jan. 22

#27: Please, no Star Trek Cinematic UniverseDr. Winston O’Boogie, Oct. 17

#26: Was it really TV’s first interracial kiss?Dr. Winston O’Boogie, Nov. 22

#25: Are superheroes fascist?Jonathan Campbell, Dec. 4

#24: Should Picard have died in “Best of Both Worlds”?Thomas Stockel, Aug. 5

#23: Avril Lavigne’s “Hello Kitty”: Racist, or just crap?Nycea, Apr. 25

#22: Top 4 reasons Captain America should be gayJoshua Bell, Apr. 15

#21: Pacific Rim (2013): We’re sure this isn’t a Michael Bay movie?Ivan K, Aug. 18

#20: Will Cinematic Universes be the end of superhero movies?Dr. Winston O’Boogie, Aug. 27

#19: Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda, AKA Star Trek: Voyager with Captain HerculesRob Kirchgassner, Nov. 25

#18: What’s the problem with “Anaconda”?Nycea, Nov. 18

#17: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) is a campy embarrassmentJoshua Bell, May 6

#16: Shy Boys: IRL (2011), a haunting look at the Incel communityNycea, Oct. 20

#15: Sharknado 2, and the scourge of intentionally bad moviesDr. Winston O’Boogie, Jul. 15

#14: Marvel’s cinematic villain problemJonathan Campbell, Dec. 24

#13: The Bechdel Test: Why it’s a jokeNycea, Apr. 10

#12: DC Comics is run by childrenSolkir, Feb. 4

#11: Kurtzman & Orci to direct (and ruin) Venom, Star Trek 3Dr. Winston O’Boogie, May 12

And the top 10 most popular posts are…

#10: Girls and geekdom: fiction vs. realitySofie Liv, May 14
The 30 most popular posts of 2014
The 30 most popular posts of 2014
#8: Asperger’s is not an excuse to be an online trollFull of Questions, Oct. 24
The 30 most popular posts of 2014
#7: Why Batman should never use gunsJoshua Bell, Sep. 16
The 30 most popular posts of 2014
#6: 4 reasons Marvel should give up on Ant-ManDr. Winston O’Boogie, Jun. 6
The 30 most popular posts of 2014
#5: She-Hulk XXX: An Axel Braun Parody (2013)Dr. Winston O’Boogie, May 27
The 30 most popular posts of 2014
#4: The least anticipated movies of 2015Dr. Winston O’Boogie, Dec. 22
The 30 most popular posts of 2014
The 30 most popular posts of 2014
#2: This is not my Wonder WomanJoshua Bell, Jul. 28
The 30 most popular posts of 2014
The 30 most popular posts of 2014

(For those wondering, this is what happens when an article
appears on reddit/controversial for almost an entire day.

BONUS! The 10 most popular videos of 2014

Only one video made the top 30, so here’s a list of the most popular videos of 2014. (Note: All the videos we post certainly get watched plenty of times on YouTube, Blip, Vimeo, and Veoh, but the lists above and below only factor in pageviews here on the Agony Booth.)

#10: Avengers XXX: A Porn Parody (2012) Review #2Solkir, Apr. 5 (#67 overall)

#9: Stephen Biesty’s Incredible Cross-Sections: Stowaway! (1994)Roland Thompson, Apr. 6 (#64 overall)

#8: WTF happened to movie trailers?Cecil Trachenburg, Apr. 22 (#58 overall)

#7: Man of Steel (2013)Cecil Trachenburg, Jun. 3 (#55 overall)

#6: How the PG-13 rating is ruining moviesCecil Trachenburg, Sep. 4 (#46 overall)

#5: Hey, comic book fans: Why so racist?Solkir, Feb. 27 (#43 overall)

#4: What makes a bad villain? Part 2: Star Trek’s Gul DukatThomas Stockel, Mar. 23 (#34 overall)

#3: Perverted Stories #34 (2002) AKA “Pterodactyl Dinosaur Spermo Plasmoids”Michael A. Novelli, May 26 (#32 overall)

#2: Sex Trek: Charly XXX (2005)Michael A. Novelli, Apr. 2 (#31 overall)

#1: DC Comics is run by childrenSolkir, Feb. 4 (#12 overall)

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