VIDEO: ELoG Awards: Best and Worst of Gaming 2013

It’s an Examined Life (of Gaming) awards show! Join Roland for an angry talk (or “rant”, if you’d prefer) about the best and worst games of 2013, including Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Grand Theft Auto V, Rogue Legacy, Resident Evil 6, Takedown: Red Sabre, and Rising Storm!

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  • Zorha

    When did Roland become TAB’s version of Andrew Dice Clay?

    Man I’m hoping that 2014 becomes a better year for you, although I have to admit I do feel your anger is somewhat justified as the quality of games in 2013 somehow fell off the cliff. This last year saw the release of The War Z, SimCity Online, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Ride to Hell: Retribution, and X:Rebirth.

    It really pains me to see the last one get raked over the coals, as I’m in it’s credits.

    I’m looking forward to 2014 and the continuation of your Mechwarrior franchise reviews. Keep up the great work!

    • At least X: Rebirth was a game with some vision. Games that are targeting a niche audience get points for trying to be something special, instead of games you can sell to anyone. I’m willing to excuse bugs and rough patches in games with personality.

      Not saying all niche games have personality, or automatically get a pass, but with the best ones it’s hard to knock them for being unpolished.

  • Gallen_Dugall

    “Most average game that seems worse than it is” Total War Rome 2 – everything Shogun 2 got a pass on somehow generates rage quit levels of hate here, flaws in Shogun 2 that were actually fixed also generate rage quit levels of hate, minor almost invisible nit-picks that take ranting reviewers fifteen minutes of video to even prove their existence and don’t substantively influence gameply also generated rage-quit levels of hate. It’s actually very very average for the series.

    • Exactly what I’ve been saying to my buddy Codeknight for months. It’s easy to get all pissed off at the terrible AI but… uh… I’ve played several Total War games. They ALL have terrible AI. They’re all unbalanced, and buggy, with sloppy bits and careless bits.

      • Gallen_Dugall

        In part I blame the internet culture that demands everything must be either the “best ever” or the “worst ever”

  • The_Stig


    How on earth did Ride to Hell: Retribution, which got a 15% on Metracritic not make your list of worst games?

    • He probably didn’t play it. Outside of professional reviewers not many actually did, we just laughed at their suffering.

    • I didn’t play it. Most people didn’t PLAY it, they just heard it was bad. And very few people probably bought it not already knowing it was terrible. They most likely picked it up for a few bucks and had a laugh. In that way, it did exactly what it was supposed to.

      Nobody plays Big Rigs expecting it to be any good, so it’s not really the “worst game of all time.” The worst game of all time is a game that has no business being bad, and yet manages to suck anyway. 😀

  • Moppet

    The non-standard ranking, “calling them like you see them” system, rather than straight countdown models, is very preferable to usual countdown models seen in this type of presentation. Angry, depressed or otherwise, it was an interesting listen.

  • david f white

    What do you think of Infamous 1&2?? I love those games!!!

    • Haven’t had a PS3 long enough to get around to it. The first one looked kind of interesting, but moral choice systems without any real choice make me turn into a dark side Jedi IRL.