19 Kids and Counting recap: Daddy Duggar goes to Nepal

Last week on 19 Kids and Counting, it was a holiday episode for the Duggars, which was disorienting and weird. Then again, this show is always disorienting and weird. Let’s torment ourselves with this week’s episode, shall we?

Christ this week is a double-length episode. You people owe us all the things. Send morphine.


Jill is packing up to go see her cyberbuddy Derick, who is on a mission in Nepal. Of course she’s going to be escorted by Daddy Duggar. They’re not officially courting, because they’ve never met. Meanwhile, Daddy Duggar is putting together a suitcase with a wide selection of Daddy Duggar polo shirts.


Daddy Duggar had already been a prayer partner with Derick, and then he played matchmaker and hooked up Derick with Jill. Derick sends her letters, which makes her coo in that weird childlike way that all the Duggar ladies seem to have.

Mom and Daddy Duggar give Jill a pep talk that mostly consists of telling Jill that it might not work out. Insightful!

Also, we’re so irritated that either the Duggars have enough money to jet off to Nepal or that TLC has paid for them to jet off to Nepal. Either way, unfair.

Christ, but it is boring to listen to a random twenty-something who has never dated talk about her big dating hopes. We want hazard pay.

Now we have to interview every other Duggar child, including the tiny ones, about what they think about Jill going off to Nepal to meet Derick. Some think it is cool! Some think it is weird! Some are four years old and have no idea what the hell is going on!

Derick is meeting Jill! He almost but not quite gives her a real hug instead of a side hug. Horrors!

about_blank 2

Here’s Derick with a stilted explanation of how he went to high school and college and then to Nepal and now he is excited to see Jill. Almost like a real boy!

Here’s some random footage of Nepal. There is lots of traffic! It is kind of scary! Daddy Duggar has never seen traffic like this and actually says it was the scariest thing he has ever gone through. For real??

Back home, Mom Duggar is cooking breakfast for everyone and here is a helpful factoid about how much of the Earth’s resources the Duggars consume.

about_blank 3

These people are the worst.

The youngest child (we think it is the youngest?) is having a meltdown, as four-year-olds do. Everyone gets five minutes to play with a big bouncy ball. Wait. You can afford to go to Nepal, but you only sprang for one bouncy ball that has to be shared??

Back in Nepal, Daddy Duggar feels like a third wheel. He’s trying to stay 20 feet back from them, which makes it look like he’s a private detective tailing them.

about_blank 4

Best date ever!

More random footage of Nepal and interviewing Derick about how happy he is to meet Jill. Also, we’re interviewing the other Duggar children yet again about what they think! They think Jill likes Derick! They think they should wait and see what happens!

Oh sweet martyred Jesus, they are going to go buy Nepali traditional clothes. Daddy Duggar seems to think that all brown people are Spanish-speaking, so he tells the shopkeeper he needs “large—grande—large” clothing. Worst person on Earth.

Now we have a rundown of other ethnic outfits worn by Daddy Duggar. He wore a kilt in Scotland. He wore a kimono in Japan. We do not get to go to either Scotland or Japan, because we do not have a baseball-team-sized brood that got us a teevee show.

Here is a shot of Daddy Duggar wriggling himself into ill-fitting Nepalese clothing, because we hate ourselves.

about_blank 5

Oh for fuck’s sake. Daddy Duggar greets the next shopkeeper with a hearty “hola!” Dude, these people are not Mexicans. We know it is difficult for you to figure out the difference between various types of brown people, but perhaps the fact that NO ONE IS SPEAKING SPANISH might tip you off.

Now that Jill and Derick have spent exactly two days together, it is time for Daddy Duggar to quiz them on how the relationship is going, because that makes a ton of sense. Jill is not sure if Derick likes her! Daddy Duggar is not sure if this is God’s will!

Daddy Duggar has to bitch about the Nepalese food, because although Daddy Duggar is a world traveler, he is, at heart, a yokel.

19 Kids And Counting Recap: Daddy Duggar Goes To Nepal

He’s very concerned about what the meat is and he’s very concerned that the sauce is spicy and he thinks Nepalese food tastes like Chinese food and he is the worst. Jill is no better, and says that if the lord is willing, she will never have to try it again. We cannot believe these ingrate people are in Nepal and we are in a blogging hovel.

Mom Duggar and Jessa are going to have some special mother-daughter bonding at a coffee shop. They coo in childlike voices over the coffee they get. It’s a fucking mocha, ladies.

Jessa is not as emotional as Ben, so Mom Duggar gives her lessons on how to coo at Ben about how special he is. Apparently most of courting means that most ladies have to talk like babies. And then Mom uses this as a pivot to talk about Mom and how she loves having babies. Well, what else does Mom have to do, really?

Back in Nepal, Derick wants to have a chat with Daddy Duggar all man-to-man alone. He takes the big plunge and asks if he can court Jill. Daddy Duggar gives his blessing and they share a manly Christian side hug.

about_blank 7

Does she say yes? Haha you will not know until the next episode, which I will have to watch for you people like a goddamn sacrificial lamb.

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