RAW FEED: 119: Revenge of the Script (Part 1/2)

In this 2-part episode, we take a crack at Revenge of the Sith and the joys of people taking action while advancing the plot through dialogue. We also try to figure out some of the more impenetrable logic chains in the story, and discover that you can be a mostly perfectly fine and inoffensive film and still send Ursa into a blind Nerd Rage if you don't provide sufficient structural backing to your plot. Buckle up, folks, and watch out for The Last Angry Geek Cameo: this could get messy. Title card by Josh Lanning.

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  • Zee Panda

    I have been so looking forward to this. So far everything you’ve said has been perfect so…I’m heading over to part two. Woo!

  • danbreunig

    There is simply nothing more adorkably appealing than the very image of Sursam Ursa casual and giddy whilst immersed in lava.