11 TV Characters Most Likely to Surprise You by Declaring Their Support for Donald Trump

Poor li’l Bobby Jindal just lost his only friends in the world what with the Duck Dynasty crew jumping ship to Donald Trump. Which got us wondering… which fictional TV characters are most likely to surprise you by declaring their support for Donald Trump?

Let’s take a look…

trump jay

11. Modern Family’s Jay Pritchett


If Jay comes off as cynical and grumpy, it’s only because he believes everyone who thinks too deeply about stuff is an idiot. Diving into a marriage with a young bombshell worked out, so why wouldn’t he take the same approach to a presidential candidate?

trump crazy harry

10. The Muppets’ Crazy Harry

A nihilist who just wants to blow things up? Yeah, a Donald Trump presidency is everything he could ask for and more. Fun fact: he was called Crazy Donald in his first appearance.

trump chanel

9. Scream Queens’s Chanel Oberlin

Bitchy for the sake of bitchy, Chanel takes a scorched earth approach to every personal confrontation, and everything is a personal confrontation because there’s nothing else in her world but her. You have to suspect she sees starbursts popping from the screen every time Donald is on TV.

trump olivia

8. Scandal’s Olivia Pope

Just for the business.

trump zombie

7. Fear the Walking Dead’s zombies

They’re braindead. (Yeah, yeah, too easy.)

Streets of Fire

6. Arrow’s Malcolm Merlyn

Completely self-assured despite having no discernible strategy or endgame, Malcolm tends to show up for no other reason than to send everybody else’s well orchestrated plans crashing to the ground. He may have found his political soulmate in Donald.

trump smithers

5. The Simpsons’s Mr. Smithers

Complete devotion to an evil, megalomaniacal billionaire industrialist? Yeah, that’s our Waylon.

trump snow

4. Once Upon a Time’s Snow White

Does anything anyone does on this show ever make sense?

trump penny sheldon

3. & 2. The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper and Penny

Ever insecure about her own place in the group, Penny will be drawn to the idea of Donald as the outsider who can sort all the Washington eggheads out despite never having proven himself to them or having been part of their world. Sheldon will declare his support for Trump over an arbitrary personal feud with Joss Whedon involving Wolverine’s flossing habits. Fortunately, when they discover they’re supporting the candidate, both will be aghast and immediately rethink their support.

trump cyber

1. CSI: Cyber’s entire roster

It’s just a desperate plea for attention. Please continue to ignore them.


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