RAW FEED: 109: Zombies, Run! (Part 1)

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This video is no longer available due to the shutdown of Blip.tv.

IN THIS EPISODE: An actual kind of…review thing, for a change, of an app which gets you to run away from zombies in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Which is one way of getting people to exercise. Right?

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  • Jonathan Campbell

    I’m fairly certain this is a traffic accident waiting to happen.

    • Jill Bearup

      Yeah, you only enable zombie chases for track/big open space running, never for pounding the pavement. They’re very keen on you not dying stupidly. Because then who would be around to buy Season 4?

      • Jonathan Campbell

        Well, you of course. You’d come back as a zombie.

  • $36060516

    I enthusiastically agree with you about this. I had hit a point in the lousy weather where I couldn’t motivate myself to do my daily brisk walks (due to my weight, running is not really in the cards for me at this point) and a friend on Facebook posted about this and I took the chance. It has totally worked for me, both in getting me moving again and in convincing me to do longer walks than I otherwise would. I had zombie fatigue before this, but it doesn’t really matter in this context. The only part I think could use some improvement is the Sim City part you mentioned and its relationship to the stuff you pick up. That feels a little inconsequential at this point.

    • Jill Bearup

      I like the base building, but yeah, it’s totally not a necessary part of the experience. More just ‘look Ma, I made a chicken coop!’ (And I tend to walk most of the time too. Or cycle, actually, because a girl’s gotta get places.)