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Area Man Spends $100K On Residents’ Ultimate Box Set, Puts All Other Superfans To Shame Forever

So, you’re probably always yammering on about how much you love a band. Maybe you even followed the Grateful Dead or Phish or some other group of likeminded folks for a few years before the trust fund money ran out. You go home and you lovingly caress your hard drive filled with Dylan bootlegs that you’ve gotten by hanging out on those concert taping sites with other obsessive people. Yes, yes, we know you stood in line for seven hours for last year’s Record Store Day to get that Devo “Live in 1981” record. But until you are willing to drop six figures in one go to prove your love, you’re just another poseur.


In December of 2012, avant-garde music/film/multimedia/performance group The Residents, from San Francisco, announced the availability of an “Ultimate Box Set” with a video of singer Randy Rose showing off a refrigerator filled with over 150 Residents products.

Included in the offering were first pressings and first releases of every major album, single, video, DVD, and much more, with the crown jewel being a genuine eyeball mask from the iconic group.

Price tag? $100,000.

BAM. Gauntlet thrown, motherfuckers! How much do you love the Residents? Only a paltry 50K? Get out the way, sucka, because a dude named Tripmonster is apparently much more into the Residents than you are and also, too, much much richer:

Last September, Cryptic Corporation Vice President Homer Flynn announced the sale of the first Ultimate Box Set to a man named Tripmonster from Bloomington, Indiana […]

Acting as the managers for The Residents, The Cryptic Corporation has handled all press, business dealings and public interactions during the majority of the group’s career, providing the members of The Residents with an impressive level of anonymity.

“For The Residents, the delivery of their Ultimate Box Set was both a profound and satisfying experience,” Flynn said. “The expression of joy on the face of Tripmonster, as he held Mr. Green, the eyeball mask from his UBS, was worth every minute of their 40-year existence.”

Also, too, making 100K in one fell swoop is pretty worthwhile. We kid, we kid. The entire Residents career arc, what with the difficult music and the complete obscurity, has not exactly been designed to be a high-profile moneymaker.

We’ll just assume that everyone involved in this transaction was obsessive rather than rapacious, but man, this is a fanboy high water mark.

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