RAW FEED: 10 of the Best Good Bad Movie Moments Volume 3 - Good Bad Flicks

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I needed an extra week to narrow down my top 10 of 2013, so here are some more humorous good bad movie moments.

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  • Muthsarah

    I’m detecting a theme. Bloody dismemberment guarantees you a nomination, but never a win. Also, does “Agent 3 1/2 or whatever” hold up as a movie, or only for a couple of gags? ‘Cuz you didn’t feature it or anything. Seems it woulda been pretty sweet.

    And just how many B-movies do you watch every year, Mr. Cecil?

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Weng Weng (Agent 3 1/2) was in a bunch of…I gues you could call them midgetsploitation films. They are entertaining but ymmv. Take your average James Bond movie and replace Bond with a 3 foot tall midget and then have everyone act like this is perfectly normal. They are fun/funny and Weng Weng is completely in on the joke himself so the movies work. I do plan on doing at least one of them sometime in the future.

      Hmmm…tough question really. I watch anywhere from 2-5 movies a week so if I had to warrant a guess I’d say between 150-200 movies a year. How many B movies? Probably 40% mainstream, 60% B or independent.

  • Sardu

    I think that was supposed to be, “Best Samurai Running Into Infinity With Sperm Behind Him”.

    • Sardu

      BTW Ricky-Oh wins. AT EVERYTHING… 🙂