RAW FEED: ZOMG VLOG - A Week Offline

My experience of a week without the internet.

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  • CaptainCalvinCat

    Oh yes – getting a few days off of the Internet is always awesome.

    maybe it is, because I am neither on Facebook nor on Twitter (I’m on Skype, that should suffice), but the only reason when I reload a page is, when I see, (for example on the TGWTG-Board) that someone is commenting in the same thread that I was.

    But yeah – couple of months ago, a few scientists published a study, concerning “Burn-out.” Most reason: People can’t relax at home, because the have to check some e-mails etc. And – to quote Erod – “In a world of uncertainty” the thought “I have to check my e-mail every frakking second” is logical, because you might get some important information too late or even might be fearing that you could get fired.

    Maybe we all should decelerate, don’t answer an e-mail just right now, because you got it. Take your time.

    So, Magdalen / Nycea – awesome video. *thumbs up*
    You have conducted a great experiment and the results are interesting.



  • $36060516

    Interesting video, I agree with the point and it was cool to hear of your experience. A couple of random thoughts. On the impatience with Final Fantasy VII, part of that may be getting older rather than related to the internet. When we are kids we have much fewer responsibilities and our sense of how limited our time on the planet will be is much less, which I think would translate to less patience for busywork from a fantasy universe. That’s one of my problems with gaming compared to fiction. Fiction is not about having to click a few hundred times in order to reach the next bit of story development. The other thought I had relating to your comments was that the paranoia related to following negativity in the news has a name called “The Mean World Syndrome,” which is a theory to look up if you have the interest and spare time in one of your non-internet-abstaining periods! Thanks again for the vid.