We Will Pay All The Monies To See Kanye West Punch George Zimmerman

We Will Pay All The Monies To See Kanye West Punch George Zimmerman

Last week George Zimmerman announced that he is giving some lucky bastard the chance to punch his grinning murder mug again and again. Rapper The Game, a giant slab of man meat, stepped up, but George Zimmerman would prefer Kanye West, because Kanye likes to attack defenseless people and apparently this causes George chagrin.

Promoters for Zimmerman’s upcoming celeb boxing match tell us he badly wants to step in the ring with Yeezus. The promoters are deliciously Machiavellian — knowing for many it will become a choice between 2 evils … thus becoming a must-see spectacle.

We’re told George’s beef with Kanye is not just that he attacks paparazzi … but the innocents as well — like the 18-year-old who allegedly called Kim an “N***** lover.”

Hmmm. We are probably more down with the guy who beats someone up over racial slurring his lady than the dude who carries guns everywhere and killed a kid, but maybe that is just us.

If Kanye declines the honor of beating the ever-living-fuck out of Zimmerman, which please god do not do that Kanye say yes to this PLEASE, Rapper DMX has thoughtfully offered to piss all over Zimmerman after he beats him up, which is quite the value added proposition, you have to admit.

DMX adds, “I am going to beat the living f**k out him … I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I f**k him right up.”

DMX says, “Once I am done with him, I am going to whip my d**k out and piss on him … right in his muthaf**kin face.”

He adds, “Zimmerman is a piece of s**t and that’s what he needs to drink.”


George Zimmerman does not seem to want DMX to piss on his face, which seems like kind of a wussy cop-out to us. All you have to do is win against DMX, Zimmerman, and he will not be able to urinate on your skull. But no guns allowed, sucka, so good luck with that.


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  • docterry6973

    Mike Tyson is a celebrity.

  • msanthropesmr

    Well, I for one am not sure I would piss on ZImmerman if he was on fire, but I think my conscience would require me to do so.

    • Mrs_Wudi

      If you piss gasoline, I would condone this.

  • peteywheats

    Kanye does not seem very tough to me. I might rather Zimmerman fight Bushwick Bill.

  • Squirrel_t_robot

    Maybe Tonya Harding? Zimmerman likes to beat up the ladies, as well.

  • AnOuthouse

    Steven Urkel expressed interest so Zimmeran’s going to go with him.

  • Flori-Duh

    But…But…what if Zimmy the Pinhead gets into a boxing match andactually gets to fight someone with his HANDS (instead of a gun), and actually gets to land a punch….He may damage his sensitive ‘artist hands.’

  • Goddamn, I love DMX [WHAT’S MY MOTHERFUCKING NAME?]Also, Kanye.Hell, even The Game.Maybe RKelly should join up? He’s pretty good at pissing on people on camera.

  • Newtsundies

    That person in the top picture (I assume it’s Kanye West but I am very old and actively avoid knowledge of such things) looks exactly like A GTA 5 character.