TV Show: Homeland

Homeland: The wrong horse

We’re a fly on the wall listening to Carrie explain herself to the shrink she must appeal to in order to see her daughter. This might be more fun if she spoke English instead...

Homeland: Treason season

We all agree Dar Adal has to die. The only question is who takes him out and how. Will Carrie beat him to death with Franny’s stuffed rabbit (stuffed with the coin-stuffed sock Peter...

Homeland: Dar's game

When a character’s first name is spelled D-A-R and it’s not short for “Darling,” the writers aren’t being subtle. “Imminent Risk”, the current episode, proves Dar is more evil than we imagined, and possibly smarter—but...

Homeland: Some deep rabbit hole

The United States of Homelandia didn’t elect Trump, but this season’s Homeland captures our paranoia. Homeland gives us an almost Trumpian fantasy of intelligence agencies running amok — or are they?  At midpoint, it’s not...

Homeland: Quinn goes Rambo

Previously on Homeland, Sekou’s van blew up, taking out Sekou and much of a three block radius of Manhattan. The good news is there were only two other deaths. The bad news is the...

Homeland: Gone Girl (S5 E11 Recap)

In the season penultimate, the countdown has begun. Peter Quinn may have to make one more sacrifice. Allison is dumped by the Kremlin, but if she wants her alimony, she’s got one more mission. Saul interrogates Marwan and it feels like deja vu all over again.

Homeland: Carrie's Road Trip (S5 E7 RECAP)

Carrie asks Allison for help. What a coincidence! Allison also wants something from Carrie — her life. Peter Quinn’s storyline continues to operate completely separately, but we’re sure it’ll connect with everything else sooner or later.

Homeland: No Backsies

Is it that time of the season already when Carrie goes off her meds and gets a little bit crazy? Yep, and it doesn’t look like her happy new relationship is going to survive it. But who needs love when you’ve got all those fun hallucinations.

Homeland: Everybody Hates Carrie

Somebody’s gotta take the fall for the CIA snafu in Berlin, and it can’t be Carrie since she’s no longer in the game anymore. Besides, she’s too busy dodging assassins on both sides of the War on Terror in this week’s Homeland recap.