VIDEO: The Collector (2009) / The Collection (2012)

The Collector (2009):

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The Collection (2012):

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The Fear Fan is proud to present a double dose of Fright Bites! This time, he’ll be taking a look at 2009’s The Collector and its recently released sequel, The Collection.

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  • The thing about films like these are…well…I don’t like watching people die gruesomely, because even if the characters are scum, they usually die in horrible, painful ways that no one deserves. Movies where I actually like the characters involved are NOT for me.

    Unfortunately, that also means I’m stuck reading the Wikipedia synopsis for the story instead of watching it for myself, hehe. Ah, well.

    Good reviews. 🙂 If I liked the buckets-of-blood-spilling genre, then I’d go watch them.

    • fearfanforever

       Thanks! And while it’s a shame that this isn’t your sort of thing, it’s perfectly understandable. In fact, watching The Collector is something of a marathon experience, especially if you get as invested in the characters as I did.

      • LindaMinda

        You’ve persuaded me to go see The Collector, at least.

        • fearfanforever

           Glad to hear it! Drop me a line to let me know what you think.

  • Cristiona

    …new show?  Or just retitling the old one?  Or did I just forget about this show?
    Either way, I kind of agree with Sarah about personal squimishness, which is a real bitch because these films fascinate me, even though I would probably never survive watching them.  There’s probably insight to be had there.
    Still, a pair of good reviews, even though it felt like you were trying to audition to replace the MicroMachines guy at times.  Take a breath, man!

    • fearfanforever

       Nope! It’s a new show meant to fill in the gaps between Terror Obscura episodes with weekly content. The idea is to create quick, 3-5 minute episodes that just encapsulate my thoughts on a film without getting into my usual full-length recap territory.

      As for the rapidity of my speech, that’s mainly a flaw borne of my tendency to create incredibly long and intricate sentences that, while grammatically correct, still seem to sound like an auctioneers ramble when they are read aloud and which…
      Wait a second…
      I just did it again, didn’t I?