RAW FEED: Sailor Moon SUPER VLOG Acts 9, 10 and 11

My thoughts on Sailor Moon: Crystal episodes 9, 10 and 11. Stay tuned for more! Become a Patron: http://www.patreon.com/user?u=145828 Follow me on Twitter! @codename_nycea Instagram: http://instagram.com/codename_nycea

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  • danbreunig

    Does it hold up? It seems to. It’s shorter, faster, and more condensed, so Crystal may be the video format of Sailor Moon Cliff Notes.

    That would be awesome, having a prequel story about the Moon Kingdom. Also just to know what Metalia’s real origin and motivation are/were.

    As for why the villains don’t rush the heroes while the heroes are in their transformation sequences–
    I chalk it up to what CaptainCalvinCat called the Jamie Summers Edit effect.

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      Thanks, Dan. ^^ I’m flabbergasted, people actually remember, what I said? Thank you very much. *bows his head*

      • danbreunig

        Aw shucks, I’m flabbergasted that you’re flabbergasted.

        I had to go back to the forum for PGSM Final Act to look up your term, but it’s the same principle:

        For the rest of the world (including enemies), the transformation sequences take only a second. But the transformations feel like stretching indefinitely for those involved within the transformations. Also why for the Bionic Man and Woman their super-speed is slowed down to their own perception of the moment they act in.

  • JD

    Id love to see a Pre dark kingdom Sailor Moon.