RAW FEED: How Much Money I Make in Online Video

How much money have I made on YouTube? How much have I made on Blip? What about *****? Graphs! Spreadsheets! Exact numbers! Whee! PS: Spoiler: The answer is not much money. PPS: If this video crushes your dreams of making millions of dollars from YouTube I take no responsibility. You have been warned.

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  • Jonathan Campbell

    So, basically, your advice to someone like me would be

    – Make long videos
    – Use Patreon
    – Don’t sing covers of Disney songs. Ever.
    – Don’t dress like Jennifer Connelly
    – Get picked up by different sites
    – If possible (unlikely), get on Maker.tv (read: sell your soul to the Mouse)
    – Don’t expect to make money anytime soon, maybe ever.
    – Learn to understand the language of financial mathematics (I followed none of this)
    – Grow a pair and actually MAKE these damn videos
    …and presumably, actually be good.

    That cover it?


    – Also, don’t watch these videos when you have food in the oven if you don’t want burnt garlic bread rolls.

    • Jill Bearup

      That last one is EXTREMELY important.

      That said, I’d say yes to all of the above except ‘make long videos’ (‘don’t dress like Jennifer Connelly’ is at your own discretion).

      Long videos are something you have to…earn, so to speak. When you start out you are totally unknown and people are only going to give you so much time to impress them.

      So start by making short, punchy videos which people (hopefully) like, improve your craft, and then as you get better and your audience grows, you can make those long, in-depth, ad-heavy videos which earn more money.

      • CaptainCalvinCat

        So basically – video making is a lot like writing of a fanfic. Do it for fun, don’t do it, because you want to get rich or famous quickly. By the way, is it mandatory to at first make 5-second-movies, because I saw many people did that before they went on video-reviewing (e.g. Diamanda Hagan, Film Brain, etc.)?

        • Jill Bearup

          Not at all. I didn’t. But being able to distill things down to a manageable size is an important skill!

        • danbreunig

          “Do it for fun, don’t do it, because you want to get rich or famous quickly.”

          Right. There.

          • Jonathan Campbell

            Hm. I’d rather do both.

      • Jonathan Campbell

        I don’t think “short videos” are going to be a problem for me. I have a script for one lying around that ran about nine pages (admittedly the paper I used was small) and when I filmed it, it was only about 2 minutes long at best.

        (though I doubt I’ll use it because…it was a Christmas themed one…when I say “grow a pair” I mean “I’ve been thinking about making videos since around…March.” Turns out being camera shy and not sure if you like the sound of your own voice can be a problem).

        By the way, you might know this already, but your first few videos don’t have audio anymore.

  • $36060516

    On your viewing figures for Plus Points being low: I remember when you posted a trailer for the show, but didn’t see an announcement that it had begun, so didn’t know it was going yet. Maybe you could promote it a little more crassly by occasionally mentioning it (like you did in this video)! Off to check it out…

    • Jill Bearup

      Good point. 😀

  • Joel Schlosberg

    I’ve been wondering about this sort of thing for a long time. Very informative, thank you!