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The Bachelorette: Bleeps & Blurs

This week on The Bachelorette, the age old question “What’s a clitoris?” finally gets an honest, accurate answer. There’s also sumo wrestling, bleeped penises, blurred penises, temper tantrums, wedgies, and that whole Brokeback Bachelorette fake-out.

Grace and Frankie: Going Through The Change

We can’t say the Republicans didn’t warn us… Marriage equality finally destroys not one, but two straight marriages! And Hollywood thinks we should find this funny?! Yeah, okay, we’re game. With two powerhouses in the title roles, Grace and Frankie may succeed if the writers can rise to the level of their leads.

Lucifer Under Fire from the Right

Satan himself is coming to FOX… yeah, yeah, you’re making a Rupert Murdoch joke in your head, we know. But no, this Devil is getting his own hour-long dramedy, and you better believe the Christian Right is raising hell.

Wayward Pines: Was That a Dinosaur?

In week three, Ethan’s wife and kid find themselves sucked into Wayward Pines, but Ethan doesn’t bother to tell them anything that might keep them from getting killed. Shockingly, that plan backfires on him. Before it’s all over, someone is dead and a perfectly good escape attempt is ruined.