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RAW FEED: Welcome To Stuff You Like!

Who are you? What is this? Where are we? I have no idea, but I’m Jill and this is my channel.

History of Fanfiction:


RAW FEED: Fright Bites- The Dark Tower

Does the King of horror score a hit with this adaptation of his biggest work? Or has this one forgetten the face of its father? Find out here!
To assist with the show and get additional access: ht…

RAW FEED: Broken Camera?!

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RAW FEED: SYL 157 The Da Vinci Code

Why do we love conspiracy theories? Why do we believe unbelievable things? What is motivated reasoning? And are there really NO FORESTS ON FLAT EARTH WAKE UP???

Well…we’re attempting to answer s…

RAW FEED: Blac/k/

This started out as a quick rant, but morphed into an autism-fueled screed about guns, games, and Geoff Keighley.