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The Raw Feed is an unfiltered, up-to-the-minute look at what our staff members are uploading and writing. Videos in the Raw Feed have not been approved by an editor, so watch at your own risk.

RAW FEED: Q and A March 2016

So many questions, so little time!Bonus question: Jill, what happened to your glasses?Answer: It is apparently a bad idea to fall asleep sitting up and smush your head against something, knocking y…

RAW FEED: Terror Obscura- The Funhouse

Today’s episode? The cult classic Tobe Hooper film The Funhouse! In this episode, the world’s worst magic tricks, the bastard offspring of Andy Warhol and a Shar Pei, and pointless adventures with …

RAW FEED: BRO-Ventures! Episode 1

Michael and Jason battle the forces of pixels with BROS, BRO!Steam: philbuniPatreon: Become a patron on Patreon!Twitter: @philbuniTwitch: of Legends: philbuni