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Razzie Predictions 2007 (The Reckoning)

“So, all totaled, I only guessed correctly slightly more than one-third of the time. I suppose it could have been worse, but I got tripped up by a lot of that ‘outside the box’ Razzie thinking. How was I supposed to know you could nominate four girls as a group to win Worst Actress? How could I have known that Eddie Murphy, by playing a female character, was eligible for Worst Actress? (I was frankly taking the whole Linda Hunt thing to heart in my decision-making process.) And ‘any two actors from Bratz‘ for Worst Screen Couple? How is that even allowed?”

Razzie Predictions 2007 (Take 2)

“Yeah, I haven’t seen most of the films I’ll be talking about here. Hey, if I’m going to accurately predict the Razzies, I have to put myself in the mindset of a typical Razzie voter, don’t I? When it comes to predicting awards for bad movies, I am a staunch follower of the Method.”