VIDEO: Bad Ass (2012)

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Remember Epic Beard Man? Well, it turns out they made a movie about him. That’s right, somebody’s cell phone video of two guys fighting on a bus has been made into a movie… starring Danny Trejo. No, really.

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  • LindaMinda

    They should have just made the movie about Danny himself. He’s already a Bad Ass!

    • Jay_Bay

      I seconded this idea.  Direct to DVD, your move…

    • FUCK YES

    • Nathan Forester

      I am in full support of this becoming real.

  • MephLord

    That movie starring Film Renegado looks awesome!  Having La Parka, Sexy Star, El Dandy and all of the Villano’s having cameos would be epic too.  Mexican Dancing Ninjas don’t look like they are worth hiring though.  You’d need the zombie Mariachi band teaming with the guitar team from Kung Fu Hustle to provide a worthy challenge.  And every movie needs a Japanese schoolgirl that knows kempo. 

    • All of this. Yes. Forever.
      Now I just need a budget…

      Oh who am I kidding I’ll just green screen the whole thing. HOLLYWOOD STYLE