Author: Marion Stein

Quantico: Oh Deer! (S1 E14 Recap)

In the aftermath of Vasquez’ untimely death, Alex goes to visit the one person she’s sure she can trust, and he tries to shoot her. But they’re still besties because in a show where you’re pretty sure your twin is a terrorist, anything goes.

Quantico: Everyone Hates Alex (S1 E12 Recap)

Welcome back to Quantico — back to constant time shifts to keep us from noticing that for every two minutes of action there’s fifty minutes of nothing, but who cares when everyone is so pretty and there’s always a locker room and/or wrestling scene?

Downton Abbey: Open House (S6 E6 Recap)

The Crawleys have an open house. Could this lead to the French Revolution? Cora gets a job offer, but accepting might be awkward. Thomas is misunderstood. Henry declares his intentions, but is he Dutch-cap worthy? All this and more as we head into the last episodes ever.