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Hacidos (Así2) noticias es tu mejor opción para las noticias más importantes del mundo, en esta edición hablamos del casting de un personaje famoso de comics e historietas.


VIDEO: Atlantic Rim (2013)

Renegado reviews the inevitable Asylum rip-off of the much-anticipated Pacific Rim, creatively titled Atlantic Rim! In this film, a team of scientists operate giant robots to battle monsters rising up from the Atlantic Ocean, not the Pacific Ocean. See? Totally different!

VIDEO: Brijes 3D (2010)

Renegado returns to Mexican cinema with Brijes 3D (English title: Guardians of the Lost Code),  an animated feature where humans are bonded to animal spirits called “brijes” that give them magical powers. The film wasn’t really successful, which had nothing at all to do with it being a total Digimon rip-off.

VIDEO: Indian Superman (1987)

The Agony Anarchists (Renegado, Mendo, Sofie, and newest member Full of Questions!) return to review a movie that they thought was Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, but instead turned out to be a shameless Bollywood ripoff of Richard Donner’s first Superman movie. They already survived the Filipino Batman and the Turkish Spider-Man, but can they get through this one? Watch and find out!

VIDEO: Cinco de Mayo

It’s the 5th of May, and everybody and their mothers keep calling the Renegado because they think it’s the most important holiday to Mexicans. To put a stop to it, he presents this video where he looks at the history of Cinco de Mayo and puts the holiday in its proper context.

RAW FEED: The Ketchup Song

Renegado reviews a Mexican song the media damned as evil and diabolic by catholics and the media, it got so bad it was banned from the radio for some time. But are there really evil lyrics in the s…

VIDEO: ¡Rob!

Renegado teams up with The Wire to try to make sense of Rob Schneider’s latest terrible attempt at a sitcom. ¡Rob! (yes, it’s written like that) is about an architect who marries into a tightly-knit Mexican-American family, and the worst part about it is they dragged Cheech Marin and Eugenio Derbez into this! That, and it’s insufferably racist. So yeah, just like any other sitcom.

VIDEO: Rejected Pilots: “Cybertron”

This review is in Spanish with English subtitles! The Renegado looks at “Cybertron”, the forgotten, rejected original pilot for VR Troopers, starring Jason David Frank, AKA the Green Ranger, as Adam Steele, a guy who merges with a cyborg in footage recycled from the Japanese series Choujinki Metalder.