VIDEO: Alyas Batman en Robin: Filipino Batman and Robin (1991)

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The Renegado teams up with Sofie Liv and Mr. Mendo to become the ultimate reviewing super team: The Agony Anarchists! Can this brand-new team survive their first mission (given to them by Dr. Winston O’Boogie): a two-hour hour long, tedious Batman and Robin parody musical made in the Philippines? You read that right: a Batman musical.

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  • MichaelANovelli

    The Anarchists ride again!

    • Heck, we could turn the whole team into Agony Anarchists, though I’d imagine Joshua, Guru and Jackula as vilians for some reason <.<

  • Jay_Bay

    This……IS AWESOME!  That’s it.

  • Sofie Liv

    I just want to know where I can get a wonder woman costume that actually looks like this title card.. does any-one know where to get that? <_<

    • $36060516

       The one you had looked adorable.  I salute you!

      • Jay_Bay

        +1 salute

    • I honestly thought you would have had a costume like that since what you showed me when I was over there was incomplete and you may have added a few extra touches to it but eh, fanservice is fanservice and you have served me well. You did well with what you had to work with and I don’t think I’d mind being tied up by your lasso either. Not too tight now! 🙂

    • Zekk_Jedi_Knight

      Don’t know what to tell you on the costume, but in either you make a great blonde Wonder Woman (or Wonder Girl Cassie Sandsmark). And hooray for the old Wonder Woman tv show! I’ve now seen the whole 1st season and it amazes me that it’s actually pretty good even today. It has it’s problems sure, but far better than that Wonder Woman Pilot (which I’d seen before your or Linkara, Nash and Film Brain’s reviews) yeah that thing was awful!
      I don’t even like the old Adam West show (sorry everybody), not because it was too campy but because the plot was always so bad, so stupid. So by comparison Wonder Woman a show that usually had a plot that made sense and showed intelligence (even if there some hiccups along the way) was to me the better show, campiness and all. [I could have done without the dumb stuff about being powerless without her belt though, and it was always dumb how they could just take off her bracelets, lame!]

    • cavalier 24601

      It that even possible without a special effects budget?  That level of work can’t be cheap.

      Oh, and I loved the review. I actually want to see this movie now.

      • Sofie Liv

         Oh it’ll just require my start to use an actual gym XD

        • cavalier 24601

          lol, no, not like that.  The way costume looks in the comics requires an unnatural bust line.  Live action versions use a serious amout of reinforcement, and possibly glue, to keep things under control.  You’d need a excellent tailor for that kind of work.

  • MephLord

    This is probably something you already know, but I feel it needs addressing.  Filipino movies feature a lot of Taglish dialogue (mostly Tagalog with some English mixed into it when they speak).  Since the Philippines was colonized by Spain and later the U.S., a lot of the language has Spanish words and phrases, while everyone in school learns Tagalog (itself a hybrid language of indigenous Tagalog and Spanish) and English.  There are also over 70 local dialects, so talking to someone from another province or district will require speaking in either Tagalog, English, or Taglish.  This is especially likely in Manila, as it’s such a huge city that gets internal immigrants from all over the 7100 islands of the archipelago.

    I understand why the jokes about the dialogue were made, but in context they aren’t funny because they have a cultural background behind it.  Overall the movie is as ridiculous as Turkish Spider-Man, but with the proper context, it can be made fun of, just not from the point of view I just explained.  Overall though I liked the recap, it was definitely one of the weirder movies made.  If you want to see a scary horror movie though, the Philippines has plenty of those, and have a very imaginative selection of mythological creatures that would make anyone afraid such as an aswang, Manananggal, Tikbalang and Tiyanak.  Some of them you might already have heard of or the descriptions will be familiar.  I haven’t had run many horror RPG games lately, but three of my favorite places to run horror games are Philippines, India and Ghana, because not many players are familiar with them, while the UK, China, Australia and Egypt are all pretty common knowledge.

    • Muthsarah

      “This is probably something you already know, but I feel it needs
      addressing.  Filipino movies feature a lot of Taglish dialogue (mostly
      Tagalog with some English mixed into it when they speak)”

      Are there any particular rules for Taglish?  Most of the time I hear it spoken, it’s 90% Tagalog (I assume), with one English word, usually the last one in the sentence.  It happens a lot in this video as well.  I used to think it was like language dropping, like how some English-speakers will throw in a French word (that they will always stress), as if they think that’s impressive, but after I heard that almost every Filipino knows English, I assumed there had to be something else going on, and that they’re not just using it to sound cool.

      • MephLord

        There aren’t any rules, since most speakers are relatively fluent in both languages, it’s whatever is the least amount of words to get the point across.  I had an ex-gf during my college years from Singapore, and she explained it that sentences might change, but the message is the same.  Of course, she spoke five languages vs my one, so I took her word at face value.  But seeing her switching between languages…I was impressed by that.  So it’s entirely possible that all the actors and writers wrote what sounded and felt natural to say, but I’ve seen enough Filipino movies to notice a trend in Taglish that’s why I posted that comment.

        • fearfanforever

          So basically, it’s the Thunderdome of languages. TWO NOUNS ENTER! ONE NOUN LEAVES! TWO NOUNS ENTER! ONE NOUN LEAVES!

    • I did know a bit of this, but I decided to go along with the language jokes because:

      1. Most people will still see them out of context
      2. My friends find it funny when I mix english with spanish randomly, so I thought there would be no problem.

      That said you adress an important point, in context our jokes look a bit ignorant xD
      But oh well, it’s done now, btw I just learned Rene Requiestas (Joker) was a famous Filipino comedy actor, man, that explains a lot, like the fact he’s on screen more time than Batman and Robin, or how he’s the only one who jumps the fourth wall, I still don’t get the pig tails though, since you’ve probably seen more Filipino movies than I’ll ever do, do you know the purpose of that? Maybe it was a gag from his other characters?

      • MephLord

        I’m not sure what the deal was with the pig tails on the Joker.  I can only guess because this movie was always intended to be a comedy, in the vein of Adam West’s Batman, that it was to be funny to look at.  Since the Joker was being played by a comedian, that wouldn’t surprise me at all.  What did surprise me, was how this was actually a sequel, there is a 1967 Alyas Batman en Robin movie, but it’s probably so bad because of its age and low budget that it wouldn’t be funny to watch even to criticize it.

  • $36060516

    This was a lot of fun.  Mendo, though, I hope next time you will consider burning a hole through your cheek to go all the way to fill the Jonah Hex role.  (Or you could alternately green-screen it, if ya wanna puss out.)  You were all funny, and the choice of movie was good as it was one I didn’t plan on seeing, so didn’t care that you “spoiled it” all.  Actually though it looked pretty funny on purpose a lot of the time!

    •  I do not think green screen means what you think it means.

      • $36060516

        It’s a time-tested process for weeding out environmentalists.

  • Ciy

    To address one of the questions here, I’m half Filipino and although i was never taught the language, when I listened to my mother and her friends, they would just say the odd English word in the middle of sentences. It was just how they all spoke.
    As for the musicals… I’m guessing this film was a comedy other wise adding in songs would make no sense or it was just badly executed. This review was interesting, though it felt more like a rifftrax at times. It was a nice collaboration and it really made me want to watch this film. It looks hilarious. I look forward to more videos.

    • MichaelANovelli

      Ciy!  We were hoping you’d show up!  🙂

      I can’t speak for the other two, but I know that *I* am a huge fan of Rifftrax!

      • Sofie Liv

         I watch clips on youtube and agree, they are absolutely hillarious.

      • MephLord

        Mr. Mendo, if it takes making more Filipino movie reviews to get more Ciy are you up to the challenge?  Mendo and Ciy seem to go together like Raisin Bread and watermelon slices!

        • MichaelANovelli

          Well, that’s really up to her.  🙂

  • Hold the phone…there’s a group called “The Agony ANARCHISTS” on this site & I’m not involved? Isn’t that a little counter intuitive? 😀

    • Sofie Liv

       You weren’t around yet when we formed this group back with turkish spiderman 😛

      All though, go talk to Renegado and Mendo, i’m sure we can include you in the next one.

      •  LOL, I wasn’t complaining, just commenting on the coincidence of the names. I would love to contribute if you’d have me though.

        • Sofie Liv

          And I am just explaining 😉

          The idea is that these videos are just piece of complete anarchy and madness and that goes for as many jokes as possible without any rime or reason, including as many ideas, and yes, guest appearances as possible. Possibly even making the cast bigger and bigger. So yes! if you want in, just keep your head up on our face-book group for the next time Jerry says. “Yo people! time for another round of Agony Anarchy.” then just yell. “Yo I want in!” and there ya go.

          • MichaelANovelli

            Speaking of which, we DO need to pick our next subject!

          • Joshua, if you want in, you’ll have to be the vilian…blame your Batman and Robin video xD

  • Zekk_Jedi_Knight

    I just…I…what? what the hell is this $#!%! …This film is just WEIRD, and not in a good way.

    Ok, just want to say I loved the beginning and end of your review (all the you 3 as superheroes stuff was great) and awesome cameo at the end  Full of Questions.

    Please do that again (with the same or different costumes/heroes, I don’t care, it was just great)!

    All of that said I hated sitting through the parts of this movie you showed, it was worth hearing all your jokes which helped me get through (and yeah the blood bank thing was clever if strange), but wow! How do you guys do this?

    I’d ask what drugs you all used to get through it [kidding], but I get the feeling that if I did try to watch the film high it’d be a very bad trip.

    seriously you all are superhuman in your ability to get through this film, I sure couldn’t do it. Great Work and Kudos 🙂

  • Bob_in_Baltimore

    So, earlier today in the lab, did I run around randomly snorting every chemical in sight, then come home and watch “Batman and Robin”?  Because, based on what I’m seeing, that’s my best guess.

    • MichaelANovelli

      Oh, you know how those kuh-razy foreigners are…  😉

      • Sofie Liv


  • So… are there viewers young enough that you had to play that whole “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” clip?  Or is that for the benefit of foreign viewers?  I’m mainly asking because the thought of people not having ever heard that song make me feel old.

    • MichaelANovelli

      Collective amnesia, perhaps?

      • Sofie Liv


        • MichaelANovelli

          And now you have!  🙂

          • Sofie Liv

             you just blew my mind

    • YESSSSS…I mean…that was a stupid gag now that I think of it <.<

  • LindaMinda

    Speaking of collecting people you guys should get this guy in somehow.

    He has some good stuff and I enjoy it. He would certainly be an asset to the site. (Lord knows it may need it.) Does anyone else agree?

    • Zekk_Jedi_Knight

       Just looked it up he reviewed ReBoot and I approve (both that he reviewed it and how he did as well). So based solely on that, I approve of the suggestion [for whatever my opinion’s worth]

      that is all

  • Pratchettgaiman

    About the switching between languages: my understanding is that Filipinos in general speak a mish-mash of Tagalog, Spanish, and English, therefore their spoken language switches between the three (Hindi-speaking Indians do a similar thing, going by couple of Bollywood movies I’ve seen) 

    • Which makees sense, there’s nothing wrong with bilingual movies, we just aren’t too used to it (unless it’s played for jokes)

  • danbreunig

    The exact moment when I knew I was in for an all-time AB classic was when Renegado flew around to the Puma Man theme. 

    Renegado, Mendo, Sofie–individually, collectively, you guys are all gold. 

  • MichaelANovelli

    Golly, I hope we do another one of these, soon… 😉

    • danbreunig

      Last time the subject came up between Renegado and Sofie one of them mentioned the Italian Spiderman–so it sounds like there’s already fuel to be had. Yeah, I’m anxious to see #3 from you guys myself.